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3d concept of a workstation, with a tooling shadowboard and drawers.


Our Workstations are designed specifically for our clients who want to support their rigorous and structured quality, inspection and assembly processes.

We can integrate our expertise in Lean best practice and Visual Management elements into our Visual Workstations, with Visual Management trackers, check sheets and documents storage.

Shadow Boards can also be integrated in our Visual Workbenches to provide visual storage for tools, equipment and consumables.

We have an expert design team that provide 3D concept drawings for our clients to approve before we go to manufacture.

Our Visual Workbenches provide the very best in integration of workplace visuals into your operational environment.

workstations with helicopter image as background

Assembly/Packing Workstations

Setting up your dedicated assembly or packing stations with dedicated visuals ensures the very best environment for your teams to perform their work. We can integrate Tooling Shadow Boards to present to hand, at the right time, in the right place the tooling or equipment needed to perform a job. These Workstations are designed to be cost effective whilst also matching our clients’ exact needs in size and specification.

Quality/Inspection Workstations

An organisation is only as good as the quality of product or service it supplies to its customer.

Providing your teams with a dedicated Workstation for performing critical quality or inspection processes ensures that your team both understand the importance of high quality and finding defects and have the necessary tools to perform these checks.

We use LED lighting strips to provide a well-lit area essential when visual checks are necessary.
Workstations with wheels and drawers plus a larger board for holding documents inside a big factory
Before After inspections workstions with a board for tooling and holders for documents.back for a workstations with a whiteboard planning production

Dual Sided Workstations

We can enhance the functionality of your Visual Workstation by adding visuals to both sides of the Workstation. Any combination of Shadow Boards, Cleaning Station or Visual Management Board can be fitted.

We can also keep it simple and integrate a good corporate image or logo to the rear of the Workstation to provide continuity with corporate branding guidelines.