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Workplace Graphics

VMT Workplace Wall Visuals are an excellent way to elevate your workspace.

We can supply a full design and installation service. We are happy to impart our design expertise if you are struggling for inspiration.

By making key business messages visually striking and clear, staff and visitors alike are able to understand what the organisation values are and the direction of travel

Reception/Welcome Areas

Why not make the first place that your clients, new starters and visitors visit set the tone for everything that they see or hear after?

These areas can be used to –

-Explain the journey, history or timeline of the business.

-Communicate information about the work that happens onsite.

-Show who the customers are and why they use your service.


Workplace Graphics Company Branding

Workshop Wall

Along with explaining more about the business and tone setting, Workplace Wall Visuals are also excellent in displaying key reminder information such as-

-Business improvement principles such as 5S or 7 Wastes.

-Procedural information.

-Signage both directional and instructional.

Meeting Room/Feature Wall

Workplace Visuals don’t have to communicate a specific message. Displaying nice imagery or textures can help to make your meeting rooms or offices more pleasant environments to spend time in.

Perhaps you have a local landmark or skyline that would provide a good link back to the region or community of people who work in the business.

Reception Wall Graphics