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Magnetic Overlay on Whiteboard

Whiteboard Overlays

VMT are able to offer our clients the option to add a whiteboard overlay to an existing whiteboard the client has in their possession.

We see it as wasteful to replace a perfectly functional board for scrap with a brand new printed Visual Management board unless absolutely necessary.

The simplest and most economic way to change the appearance of your existing whiteboard.

Visual Management whiteboard installation for JCB

Magnetic Whiteboard Overlays

Magnetic whiteboard overlays are an ideal solution for fixed term or temporary projects. The magnetic overlays can easily be lifted from their existing position and placed on a new board, size permitting. 

Problem solving (Fishbone/Ishikawa and 5 why?) design layouts lend themselves well to magnetic overlays as the framework for problem solving can be moved to the place of work (Gemba) or where the issue is being seen.

Vinyl Whiteboard Overlays

A semi permanent solution, vinyl overlays are simple to apply but have longevity and give the smooth appearance of a fully Printed board.

VMT can offer detailed instructions on application of vinyl whiteboard overlays or offer an onsite installation service.

Magnetic Document display windows and status magnets still function well with Vinyl overlays.

Visual management, Vinyl Overlay being applied to a whiteboard

Why use a Whiteboard Overlay

Add professionalism and corporate branding to whiteboards that are already in use.

Apply structure and consistency to the Visual Management approach at your site.

Remove the need to scrap a useable existing whiteboard when looking to apply structured to your Visual Management

Have the option to either replace the semi permanent graphic in the future (Vinyl) or move the transferable graphic (magnetic) to a new location.

Your board, how you need it.

While we have a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ designs, we understand that no two business are the same. Create your whiteboard overlay exactly how you need it to be with some of our useful tools below.



Using our template maker to design your own whiteboard, don't worry if its not the neatest, our design team are always here to help.


Our brochure with more information regarding the specifics of our management whiteboards and the extras available.