Feature Wall Graphics

VMT Workplace Wall Visuals do more than provide an aesthetically pleasing environment. They make important business messages visually striking and clear. Staff and visitors alike can understand what the organisation's values are and the direction of travel.

Corporate branding. 

Ensures link to workplace and the corporate brand or organisational identity is clear and consistent. 


The visual wall messages help to guide actions and behaviours towards the overall vision of the business or organisation. 


Assurance can be found in the roots of an organisation or business. Use wall visuals to show your pedigree and expertise in what you do.


What is the value in your business for which you want your customers to pay? Delivery of this value should be everyone’s priority.


To who are you delivering the value created? Show pride in the variety of sectors you work in or the profile of the client with which you work.


Business Principles.

Your Principles may be Lean or Continuous Improvement Methods, etc. Use wall visuals to show your teams how the business “works”.