Visual Management & Ardagh Metal Beverage

Maintaining quality control through Visual Management.

With every client, no matter how large or small, comes a different set of problems to solve. At VMT, we specialise in providing visual management solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of a business. Harnessing our experience and knowledge, we create practical visual management tools to help any business flourish. In this blog, we will discuss the project brought to us by Ardagh Metal Beverage and how we provided a solution to suit their needs. As a glass and metal packaging provider for some of the world’s biggest brands, there needed to be a strong focus on quality control and productivity at their site in Rugby. Once the project arrived, we knew it was one that we could really do a fantastic job with and there created something that highlighted a clear vision for all of the staff members. So, let’s move on to the exciting stuff.

The challenge posed by Ardagh Metal Beverage

Ardagh Metal Beverage asked us if we were able to provide visual management for the whole site that provided a consistent approach and fed into one unified vision. The solution had to communicate with all team members and visitors of the site that PPE and Health and Safety were paramount to the business, that housekeeping and 5S standards were always met and that quality control was absolutely essential for the company. Ardagh-Bottling

The solutions provided by VMT

Across the Ardagh Metal Beverage site, we provided multiple visual management solutions to enable us to meet their expectations and provide an adequate solution. PPE Requirement Signage In fast-paced and demanding environments, staff safety becomes even more of a priority as the risk increases. VMT provided PPE requirement signage to act as a constant reminder to all of those who were passing through the site, both workers and visitors, of the necessary safety equipment that they should be wearing. We chose to use mirrors within the signage to add extra visual impact. This worked by drawing the individual’s attention to what they were wearing rather than what they were being told to wear. Product quality checking boards Visual Management quality control This solution was made entirely bespoke to the requirements of the client. The quality checking boards utilised a visual cue which highlighted the acceptable standard of product to that which had been produced. For example, green being acceptable and red falling beneath the quality control standards. The type of cue provides a simple and quick method of checking quality control if in doubt. Cleaning Stations  Cleaning stations are one of the more popular visual management devices within a workshop setting. They help ensure that the equipment needed to sustain 5S housekeeping standards is available and at hand. They also encourage workers to replace the cleaning tools after use and create a scenario where no time is wasted looking for the tools needed. The supplied Cleaning Stations were colour coded to differentiate between general cleaning areas and those of high care within the factory. This also helps keep potential contaminants from being spread around the workshop. Ardagh Metal Visual Management

The Visual Management results.

At VMT, we ensured that the look and feel of the Visual Management we implemented were on-brand and remained consistent throughout. By using brand colours, you are able to increase buy-in from staff and increase the credibility of the initiative.

Feedback from the client!

“VMT offered us a flexible approach and service; they supported us in ensuring the products they supplied fulfilled the specification agreed. They were knowledgeable of best practices in visual management and have supplied a product that not only looks the part but performs a vital function.” Want to learn more about how VMT can help you introduce visual management within your business? Follow the link below.