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Kit Barcodes

Smart Tool Management

Intelligent Inventory for Factories and Workshops

Audit | Damage | Calibration | Documents | Reports

A place for everything, and everything in ONE place

Scanning a Kit Barcode with Phone

Auditing of tools and equipment made easy!

Simply scan the QR code and select the missing items.

Tool and equipment data presented like never before.

Tool and equipment data accessible to the people who need it.

Audits –

Simple visual auditing solutions enable users to confirm tool/equipment presence at the tap of a button

Missing Broken Items –

Report any missing or broken items by clicking the image on screen and record what you find.

Calibration –

Store calibration dates, alert for upcoming or overdue calibrations and upload and store calibration certificates.

Reports –

Report on all inventory, audits, broken or missing items and calibration detail quick and efficiently. 

Kit App after scanning barcode
Kit Barcode on Various Locations

KIT can be used with any tool or equipment location, including


  • Foam Inlays
  • Cupboards/Shelving
  • Shadow Boards
  • Machinery
  • COSHH Cupboards


KIT locations can be visually organised or ‘unorganised’, or even single tools or pieces of machinery