Shop floor Visual management

Shop Floor Visual Management

At VMT, we are a team of visual management experts that supply our clients with Obeya & Visual Management solutions to best support their unique needs and environment. Having worked across several sectors, we understand that the needs of each business vary. Therefore we make sure our solutions are flexible, functional and well-branded. You may also see Visual management centres called Obeya or War rooms. Could a visual management centre be the answer to the needs of your business? Read on to find out more.
Case study
This visual management centre developed for Metrolink Manchester allowed the business to put the visuals they needed on the shop floor. Staff were able to access performance and organisational information and could act on the information shown. VMT can supply Visual Management centres that allow for the provision of large screens. We can also integrate client branding in a minimalist or bespoke way. Metrolink-Whiteboard-Management-Centre-3-scaled Metrolink-Whiteboard-Management-Centre-4-scaled
Management Centre Integration
VMT Visual Management Centres are constructed using durable and aesthetically-pleasing aluminium machine-building extrusion. This material allows us to assemble an integrated Visual Management Centre at your site. Your centre can include supporting Visual Management tools such as 5S Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations and Signage. We can also integrate technology such as large screen TVs and computer workstations. Walki Visual Management centrę
Why should you integrate a visual management centre on your shop floor?
A visual management centre provides a dedicated meeting space for all of your workforce. Team members can track performance and review the problem-solving activity of the business. Visual management centres provide a focus for team activity, meetings and briefings. When a line manager or decision-maker can stand up and present performance data to their team, it provides focus on data and improvement and Lean behaviours. Therefore helping businesses to become more efficient in their day-to-day workings. At VMT, we keep the process simple. We take your idea from the initial stages through design development and concept to delivery and final assembly.
Positives of a Visual Management Centre, Obeya or War room.
Create a hub away from daily distractions to manage projects, drive improvements and control performance. Easy to extend and add new sections if. Remove the need for free wall space and create the room where you have space available. Promote employer branding and create a happier and more positive place to work. Want to learn more about Visual Management Centres, Obeya and War Rooms?  Just follow the link below.