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Hand Tools Shadow board

Shadow Boards

A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place.

VMT Shadow Boards help enable missing tools and equipment to be spotted in seconds, and are an essential Visual Management Tool providing effective workplace organisation and control.
Shadow Boards are proven to reduce time taken searching for missing tools resulting in a positive impact on Takt, cycle and processing times.

Our 5S Shadow Boards will help your teams and business to:

  • Reduce time searching for missing tools
  • Reduce SMED machine part changeover times
  • Increase life of equipment
  • Help to ensure the correct equipment is used

    Tooling Shadow Board

    Proven to save time searching for tools, hand tool Shadow Boards make it easy to identify missing items from a distance, a fundamental lean visual management technique.

    VMT Shadow Boards can be supplied on mobile frames ensuring right tool, right place, right time. 

    Shadow_Boards_Hand Tools_DesignHand Tools Shadow Board
    Change Over Parts Shadow Boards DesignShadow Board Change Over

    Change Over /
    Spare Parts

    Keep operationally critical spare parts visually stored close to process, reducing potential downtime in the event of equipment failure.

    Minimise wasted time in the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) process by locating the changeover parts close to the process in an organised and logical layout ready for switch out


    Lifting Tackle

    LOLER regulations require lifting equipment to be appropriately stored, marked and inspected.

    VMT Shadow Boards assist the user in locating the equipment in the correct place so the item is always available when not in use.

    Lifting Tackle Shadow Board DesignShadow Board for Lifting Tackle and Slings

    Need some advice or more information?

    Download our Shadowboard Brochure which is packed full of standard designs and the specification options available.

    Play Video

    How a Shadow Board
    can help improve your business

    We created a short video which demonstrates the significant time savings that can be achieved with Shadow Board implementation.


    Tailor Made for Your Needs

    We take a flexible approach when discussing new projects and will work with you to meet your exact requirements and standards.

    Made to Measure

    We use a range of materials to form the base of our Shadow Boards. We can specify lighter materials for basic hand tooling through to aluminium sheet for heavy duty tooling.

    Fixings + Attachments

    We have built a wealth of experience in selecting the appropriate fixings to hold in place tools and parts of various size, shape and weight.

    Hard Wearing

    We can specify harder wearing materials such as aluminium with polycarbonate face protection for heavy duty applications.

    Mounting Options

    We can assist with specifying the perfect mounting solution for your Shadow Board to suit your operational requirements. 

    Framework + Cabinets

    As with most of our products, we can adapt your Shadow Board to be freestanding and mobile. We can even build a cabinet around your Shadow Board to add extra security.

    Design + Branding

    Working within your corporate branding will
    ensure that the boards fit in with the look, feel and
    message the corporate brand projects.


    Let us do the hard work for you

    Many of our clients are busy operating within their own business that’s why we  make the process of implementing Shadow Boards easy for our clients.

    We approach the design development of your shadow board in a way that best suits you.

    VMT On-Site

    We will take the details
    and measurements
    we need on site with
    minimal disruption to your

    Send Tools

    If you are able to be
    without equipment for a
    day or two we will quickly
    measure and then send
    the tools back to you.

    Send Tracings

    We can supply detailed
    instructions of how to send
    us tracings of the tools.

    New Tools

    We can supply a complete
    package of new tools
    along with a bespoke
    shadow board to match.