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Heath & Safety Welfare Station

Safety Signage

Health and Safety is a basic requirement in any workplace

VMT Safety Signage helps to –

-Keep the workforce safe and protected through clear instruction and PPE provision.

-Work towards zero harm by raising awareness and driving safety improvement.

-Comply with Health and Safety law and engage with the workforce.

VMT are experts in developing bespoke Safety Signage that will have a clear visual impact in your workplace and keep the workforce protected.

PPE Safety Signage

PPE stations make sure that workers and visitors are aware of your critical safety requirements and PPE obligations.

Each station contains easy to read safety instructions with universal symbols, and can be personalised by inserting your company logo and specific PPE requirements.

PPE Requirement Board with Mirror
Safety Signage First Aid Board

Welfare Stations

VMT Health & Safety Equipment Stations have been developed to professionally store and make available the key elements needed to treat unwanted workplace injuries.

The VMT Health & Safety Equipment Station includes an eye wash kit, first aid kit, lens cleaning kit, and an ear protector dispenser, but can be customised to suit your organisations requirements.

Safety Display Signage

VMT supply bespoke Safety Arch structures that welcome workers to a facility with reminders and information that keeps themselves and their fellow workers safe and protected.

Live information and updates can be shown and amended ‘on the fly’ via the LED moving message display.

Safety Signage Archway