Safety Arch Signage

VMT develop, design and produce printed Signage solutions for a many applications and industries. We have a long history of supplying bespoke Safety Signs for factories, warehouses, train depots and more.

Paying consideration to Health and Safety is a basic requirement in any workplace and safety signage helps to:

  • Ensure the workforce is kept safe and protected through clear instruction and PPE provision.
  • Work towards zero harm by raising awareness and driving safety improvement.
  • Comply with Health and Safety law and engage with the workforce.

Safety should always come number one in any organisation

A lot of the safety signage we supply is utilised in locations around our customers facilities to provide visual cues and reminders such as; What PPE should be worn in a specific area or to keep in a certain area to reduce the risk of collisions. We regulalrly supply traditional wall mounted or hanging signage or (as has become more popular post Covid) floor mounted anti-slip signs – and whilst these types of signs are great for imparting very specific messages we have begun to develop and supply a signage solution to allow our clients’ to communicate a “larger” holistic approach to safety; namely our Safety Arches or Archways.

What is Safety Arch?

Visual cues have most impact when they are made hard to ignore. Creating specific safety signage that surrounds the entrance or creates a gateway to a facility/factory/workshop where everybody enters means that all who enter the facility are reminded of the importance of acting safely and abiding by any specific safety requirements (such as PPE). The safety arches we supply come in two main configurations:

  • Fitted around a doorway – fixed to and supported by the wall surrounding the doorway. VMT can supply the necessary fixing to fix to the wall
  • Free standing Archway – this option creates a large visual impact. This free-standing option is bolted to the floor and we can supply the necessary fixings for this option.

Why use a Safety Arch in your facility?

The use of a Safety Arch serves to promote safety awareness in several ways:

  • Safety Communication – Creates a centralised location to post key safety notices relating to the facility that the Arch provides a gateway to.
  • PPE Requirements – Provide an opportunity to visually communicate (and allow to check against) the PPE requirements for staff and visitors alike within the facility.
  • Take away excuses – Walking through a safety arch means that an individual has been exposed to the importance to the organisation of Safe behaviours and abiding by safety standards, therefore any unsafe behaviours observed can be robustly challenged.

The feedback we have had on the Safety Arches we have supplied centre around how much impact they provide in the workplace and how they are visual that communicates to all (Staff, contractors and visitors) how important safety is to the organisation.

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