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vmt leading a training session in front of visual management boards

Projects & Training

Successfully implementing Visual Management and 5S into your organisation as part of your Lean journey can at times be challenging and frustrating. There is the potential for resistance to the new ways of working and introduction of new processes that Visual Management implementation requires. Which is why we offer training to help support projects.

Working with VMT brings another experienced voice to the discussion. Our team are lean trained, and our founders all spent the formative parts of their careers working as Engineers and Managers for Toyota Motor Manufacturing. We take great pride in being able to use our background and knowledge to help our clients implement effective Visual Management to support their Lean Journey.

We tailor our service and training to our clients’ exact needs, but broadly we offer Visual Management and 5S support in the following areas:


Our Visual Management advisors can give functional and practical Visual Management Advice on where and how products can be used within your business. We will pay particular attention to the technical details relating to your project. This becomes of high important when we are supporting in the supply of our more technical solutions, such as Shadow Board Cabinets, Visual Management Centres and Visual Workstations where the environment and space restrictions inform the best configuration and use of the solution.

Our Visual Management Advisors are also able to suggest and devise detailed designs for Visual Management boards and explain the use. As part of our service, we happily supply scale paper prints of a client’s Visual Management board design for trial, in fact we recommend this as it allows internal review from key stakeholders of the design ahead of full supply. We can supply this service on site or remotely via video call.


The introduction of a new 5S initiative is rarely straightforward and relies on changing habitual behaviour and positive change. A positive change is most likely to happen when teams understand the reason why 5S is important for an organisation. Whilst the benefits of and reasons why 5S is used are relatively simple concepts, the message can be better “heard” when communicated by an expert from outside the organisation who has seen success and failure in 5S implementation in many organisations and industries.

Our 5S training is delivered by former Engineers and Managers for Toyota Motor Manufacturing who have spent many years delivering 5S and Lean projects.


The use of daily performance Visual Management boards and Visual Management Centres is most effective when combined with the right kind of behaviours. The adoption of these behaviours can require a culture change and some detailed guidance. We can offer both a Visual Management Board design service and coaching to your teams on the effective way to run a morning or daily review meeting. As we are looking to help our clients implement long-term change, we will focus on sustainability of the process and ensure your team have the knowledge to train new members joining the daily performance review process.

Our Visual Management Support Advisors will help your business to implement the daily review meeting by facilitating initially and then provide coaching and handover so that the meeting can be facilitated internally by the team.