Morning Meeting Visual Management Boards

VMT develop designs and manufacture printed Visual Management whiteboards for a multitude of purposes. One very common purpose for the Visual Management Boards we supply is to facilitate morning meetings or huddles. Our founders all have in depth experience running and attending these types of meetings from their early days as Engineers and Managers at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK. They have all gone on to implement this key lean communication principle in diverse industries such as Rail, Food, Pharmaceutical, Motorsport and Manufacturing.

These meetings are frequent, short (typically 10-15 minutes), start of day/shift meetings where key information is briefed, and issues/sticking points are raised among the team.

What happens in a morning meeting?

The typical agenda for a morning meeting might include but not be limited to:

  • A summary or review of current performance – Did we have a good day or bad day? Are we on target or not?
  • Priorities – a briefing of the priority of the work to be completed – ensure the team has direction and know what they are doing.
  • Issues – a chance for everyone to raise concerns and for individuals to agree in front of their peers to take relevant action.
  • General communication – allows a team leader to have an individual conversation with all rather multiple conversations with individuals.

The meetings are usually stand-up meetings which helps to ensure they are short and keep people alert and engaged. There is usually a meeting administrator or leader who guides the agenda and “polices” the meeting to ensure the discussion doesn’t go off topic or become too long winded.

Why use a Visual Management board in a morning meeting?

The use of a Visual Management board in a morning meeting helps to give:

  • Structure – The meeting attendees are aware of what will be talked about and can prepare feedback/issues to raise.
  • A Platform – The Visual Management board provides a physical medium where information can be visually displayed (Statistics/graphs/photographs) to communicate key information or entered manually (handwritten notes or filling in of numbers/tally charts etc.)
  • A Standard Approach – Using a Visual Management board to structure a meeting ensures that meetings are happening the same way across a business and mean that if the meeting administrator is unavailable someone is able to step into their shoes.
  • Empowerment of the team – Not everyone is confident speaking in front of others. A Visual Management board gives individuals a place to park their ideas or concerns without fear of being judged.

We have supplied wide ranging specifications for our Morning Meeting (or Huddle) Visual Management boards. From a simple wall mounted printed board through to a full free standing multi-sided structure with full corporate branding. VMT has the experience and knowledge to advise from the very early design stage through to the technicalities of installation, training and daily usage.

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