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Visual Management Centres (Obeya)

A Management Centre is a dedicated meeting space for the sole use of tracking performance and reviewing problem solving activity. They provide focus for team activity, meetings and briefings. Sometimes known as Obeya or War Rooms

These centres serve to eliminate the distractions of day to day operations and focus on objectives.

Standing up and presenting performance data and improvements in front of peers drives Lean behaviours.

Management Centre Implementation

VMT utilise our years of experience of implementing Visual Management boards when developing our sophisticated, functional and well branded stand alone Visual Management Centre.

Our process is simple and we will take your idea from the initial stages through design development and concept through to delivery and final assembly.

Management Centre Concept Keolis Amey DLR - Management Centre - Whiteboard (1)

Management Centre Integration

Our Visual Management Centre are constructed using durable and aesthetically pleasing aluminium machine building extrusion.

This material allows us to assemble integrated Visual Management Centre at your site that can include supporting Visual Management tools such as 5S Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations and Signage.

We can also integrate technology such as large screen TVs and computer workstations.

Why use a Management Centre

Create a hub away from day to day distractions to manage projects, drive improvements and control performance.

Professional service from quote & concept through to delivery and assembly.

Easy to extend and add new sections if.

Remove the need for free wall space and create the room where you have space available.

Your board, how you need it.

While we have a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ designs, we understand that no two business are the same. Create your whiteboard overlay exactly how you need it to be with some of our useful tools below.



Using our template maker to design your own whiteboard, don't worry if its not the neatest, our design team are always here to help.


Our brochure with more information regarding the specifics of our management whiteboards and the extras available.