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Have Complete Control at a Glance.

Track performance and operational concerns.

Create a focal point for change.

Simple and well presented visual information in business is essential to facilitate, co-ordinated and prosperous teams.

We have supplied Visual Management Boards to world class organisations in varying sectors.

We can take your basic idea or need for improvement and supply a professional visual board in response, which will have an immediate and positive impact on your business.

We have a library of Lean Visual Management Board designs to suit many sectors and varying purposes, including:

KPI – Monitor & Improve 

Problem Solving

Quality Control

5S Auditing

Health & Safety 

Short Interval Control

Production Planning 

And many more…



Display key performance documentation relating to the general main business headings of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People.

These performance whiteboards demonstrate a business that is balanced and looks to control and improve in all areas.


Continuous Improvement

Use Visual Management whiteboards to identify ideas and opportunities to make improvements and eliminate waste.

Empower the workforce to make their workplace a more efficient and satisfying place to work.


Problem Solving

Performance whiteboards provide a structured approach to problem solving, using facts and data. An essential tool for dealing with equipment breakdowns or critical quality concerns. Can be used to facilitate lean training.

Need some advice or more information?

Download our Visual Management Whiteboard Brochure which is packed full of standard designs and the specification options availble.

How Visual Management Boards can help you

Please take a minute to watch our short animation which shows how the implementation of a simple planning board can reduce chaos and smooth workflow in an operational environment.


Accessories to complement your board

Engaging teams with good visual information is one of the key characteristics of a lean organisation, we offer an array of customisable accessories to ensure our Visual Management boards are successful in your business.


We off standard status, trend and priority magnets. Essential items for communicating the current situation whether it is good or bad, or, highlighting priority areas requiring focus.

We can offer bespoke magnets to suit your requirements which can include any combination of graphics, pictures and text.

Document Holders

We offer a range of methods for displaying and holding your key documents.

Graphs and other performance related information can be displayed in our magnetic hinged document windows.

Packs of important information can be stored in dedicated holders.


Framework Options

Where wall space isn’t available we can offer our printed whiteboards on mobile free standing framework.

Our rotating frames allow dual sided visual management boards, useful when space is at a premium.

We can offer full custom Obeya or ‘War Room’ management centre builds using our bespoke aluminium framework.

Design + Branding

Strengthen corporate identity within the business
and foster a sense of ownership of the company
within the business.

Working within your corporate colour pallet will ensure that the boards fit in with the look, feel and message the corporate brand projects.

Printed Overlay

You may have a whiteboard that you are using
and wish to give some structure to the layout
whilst adding an extra layer of professionalism.

We can offer simple instructions on how to apply the print or we can offer an on-site skin application service.

Incident Tracker

Calendar based tracking of incidents using simple colour based coding is a simple way of displaying in what areas and when problems have happened.

Incident free days are marked off with green fill, while incidents are filled with amber or orange. The goal is to have a complete green-filled letter or tracker.

We have Lean Visual Management boards designed  to improve your workplace ready to purchase from our online shop.


Let us do the hard work for you

Implementing Visual Management boards needn’t be complicated or time consuming and we support our clients in developing a Lean design solution in a way that works best for them

Rough Sketch

Our team of graphic designers will work with your basic sketch idea. They will both integrate key Lean Visual Management best practice cues (status, dates, actions, ownership) and ensure that the Board has a professional look that follows your corporate branding.

Computer Created Document

You may have a fully formulated idea of what the board should look like and it may already display those all-important key Visual Management best practice cues. Let our team work with your document and take it to the point of a design ready for large scale print.

Site Visit/Discussion

Need help formulating a design of board to help address a Lingering problem within your business? Why not invite one of our Lean trained team to your site. We can listen to your issues and suggest both ‘out of the box’ solutions or use proven expertise to work with you to develop a solution that really works for you.