Are Shadow Boards worth the Investment?


When it comes to helping your business implement shadow boards, you needn’t look any further. At Visual Management Technology, we have a wealth of experience and know-how that you can leverage when looking to improve operational efficiency within your business. 


In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of all things shadow boards.


Without further ado, let’s get into the valuable stuff.


What are shadow boards?


Shadow boards are the perfect home for all of your valuable tools and pieces of equipment. By providing a strict placement for your items, shadow boards help to decrease the chance of loss and damage. 


When the equipment isn’t in use, the shadows encourage the positive behaviour of returning items to the shadow board so that it is easily accessible when it’s needed next.


The detailed shadowing used on the boards means that you can quickly notice any missing tools as there will be a distinctive shadow in the shape of the tool in the tools place. This, in turn, increases responsibility and ownership for the tools as it becomes apparent when one employee has misplaced them.


If your business uses a large amount of tooling and equipment for its day-to-day operations, shadow boards can help your employees streamline the process of locating equipment and returning to a sensible home location.


Why use Shadow Boards?


As with any visual management implementation, there are plenty of brilliant reasons for your business to use shadow boards. Shadow boards are incredibly beneficial for all involved. They improve operational efficiency, refine workplace organisation and champion best practices within your business. Therefore, benefiting the staff as well as the company.


Below are some of the main reasons that businesses implement shadow boards within their processes:


      To reduce time spent searching for tools and equipment.

      Help ensure the correct tooling is being used at the right times.

       Increase the lifespan of the equipment.

      To add a professional look and feel to their factory or place of manufacture.

      Create a systematic working order within the processes of the business.

      To reduce changeover times (Single Minute Exchange Die – SMED) when utilising changeover parts


Why use VMT for your shadow board?


When it comes to looking for the perfect shadow boards, you’re in safe hands with Visual Management Technology. Our abundance of sector experience means that your business can benefit from our years of experience in developing functional, cost effective and professional shadow boards. There aren’t many industries we haven’t supplied shadow boards to so you can be confident we are able to specify a sensible solution that will work for you.


At VMT, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke product that fits the exact needs of each of our clients. What works for one business may not work for another, and therefore, we ensure that we understand your company and its needs from the start of the project. Thus reducing turnaround time and creating something that will work for your business time and time again.


What next?


If anything you have read in this blog has caught your attention, or if you want to have a conversation about how shadow boards could work for your business, follow the link below. Simply send a message or give us a call; we can’t wait to hear about your business and offer some visual management solutions today.


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