Food and drink sector visual management

Food and Drink Sector: Visual Management Solutions

VMT have extensive experience developing and implementing Visual Management solutions for the Food & Drink Industry. Some of the Visual Management challenges faced by this industry include:
  • Contamination of ingredients and surface areas
  • Cleanliness
  • Hourly targets for production quantities
  • Error and waste reduction
  • Management of Tooling and Equipment
VMT has delivered several products and solutions for the Food and Drink industry. Including a range of suitable products for Hygiene Environments, where contamination can be an issue. ———————–
Cleaning Stations – Baker and Baker
Having an area to house and store Hygiene Equipment is critical in a Food and Drink environment. The equipment must be easily accessible when a location needs urgently cleaning or if there is a spillage. Fixing the Cleaning Stations to a mobile frame can also be helpful as this allows easy mobility for a range of tooling and equipment at one time. The tooling and equipment can also be colour coded for different areas of a factory. Therefore, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility within your workforce to keep the tooling in the correct place and take care of them. Colour coding can also be helpful for specific processes, ingredients, allergens, or cleaning areas.
food and drink cleaning station
Baker and Baker Cleaning Station
Welfare & Safety Station – 
The purpose of these stations is to create a central location for all health, safety and environment information and an area for emergency kits. Having stations located around a factory allows the team members to familiarise themselves with their first aiders and the available emergency kits. We have designed these specifically so they are clear and visible from various areas of the factory, so when an emergency arises, they can quickly seek and use the equipment. This factory had several steel walls that they were reluctant to drill into. The solution was that we were able to design a solution for them that allows for them to magnetise the board onto the steel wall instead of using screws. We can also help implement this solution for other directional and locational signs.
Welfare & Safety Station – Greencore
Welfare & Safety Station – Greencore
Visual Management Board (Short Interval Control) – Baker & Baker
Baker & Baker used several Scorecard Boards around the factory for different lines/product areas. These Boards consisted of a SIC breakdown, Overall Shift ‘Goal & Actual’, Weekly Trends within Safety, Quality, Productivity, Waste and 5S, Action Log. Having a Short Interval Control breakdown allows the team to collect data for each day/week and review any trends or failures that occurred within the under-target times. This creates a clearer view of where improvements can be made on the line or to plan for downtime maintenance.
Visual Management Board (Short Interval Control) – Baker & Baker
Visual Management Board (Short Interval Control) – Baker & Baker
Shadow Boards – Muller
VMT has supplied a variety of Shadow Boards for the Muller Manchester sites Engineering area. These Shadow Board Tools consist of Lifting Equipment, Hand Tools and Power Tools. We were asked to create a wall space to accommodate the tooling where they were easily accessible and in one location and utilise the small wall space available.
Shadow Board – Muller
Shadow Board – Muller
Are you looking for visual management solutions within the food and drink sector?
At VMT, we are the UK’s leading provider of Visual Management solutions, specialising in advising on, designing and supplying bespoke Visual Management solutions. We provide everything from simple high impact visual solutions through to innovative workspace planning and optimisation.  Our background within the food and drink sector allows us to share our knowledge so that you can learn from the mistakes of others and carve your own visual management path. Just follow the link below.