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Floor Markings

Floor markings provide a non-permanent method of alerting to hazards or dividing up a workspace. They can also be used to designate safe walkways for staff and visitors alike.

Line and Floor Markings

These standard markings are easy to apply and remove (if necessary) and make a strong visual impact in the workplace. These markings will endure the constant wear from Forklifts tyres.


Common applications include: setting home positions for equipment such as dollies or pump trucks, marking storage positions for dollies and pallets and designating walkways.


We can supply a variety of shapes and colours. Please contact us for more information on availability

Floor Markings + Graphics

Floor Stickers

We supply bespoke anti-slip floor graphics that can impart a message, provide warnings or just enhance your company branding.

 These anti-slip floor graphics are completely bespoke and we can provide to almost any colour, shape and size. We can also aid in designing your graphics from something as basic as a verbal brief.


 Application of these floor graphics is generally straightforward. However; we can offer an installation service as part of our service.