Feature Wall Graphics

How could feature wall graphics benefit your business?

At VMT, we cover all of your visual management needs and graphic solutions. From visual management boards to foam solutions, safety signage, floor markings, and everything in-between. We know how keen our clients are to freshen up their workshop, and that’s why in this blog, we wanted to talk about Workplace Wall Visuals! VMT Workplace Wall Visuals do more than provide an aesthetically pleasing environment. They make important business messages visually striking and clear. Staff and visitors alike can understand the organisation’s values and the direction of travel. Wall graphics also create an inviting and positive environment to work in, therefore building a business that employees love working for. Think outside the box with your graphics, and you can achieve anything you desire, whether that is to spur on your team and build camaraderie or give instruction and direction.
What can your graphics include?
Our clients often ask for guidance when deciding what information to include in their workplace wall visuals. The beauty of choosing VMT is that we are here to guide you through the process using our expertise and knowledge. There aren’t a particular set of rules that a business must follow when it comes to wall graphics. What you want to achieve is largely down to the message you elect to portray and the tone of voice in which you say it. Here are some of the things that work well within the workplace. Corporate branding.  Ensures the link to the workplace and the corporate brand or organisational identity is clear and consistent.  Mission/Values. The visual wall messages help to guide actions and behaviours towards the overall vision of the business or organisation.  Origins/History.  Assurance can be found in the roots of an organisation or business. Use wall visuals to show your pedigree and expertise in what you do. Products/Services. What is the value in your business for which you want your customers to pay? Delivery of this value should be everyone’s priority. Clients. To who are you delivering the value created? Show pride in the variety of sectors you work in or the profile of the client with which you work. Business Principles. Your Principles may be Lean or Continuous Improvement Methods, etc. Use wall visuals to show your teams how the business “works”.
Where should you put your graphics?
Without stating the obvious, how much you are able to say with your graphics boils down to the space you have available. In our experience, we have witnessed businesses place their graphics in all kinds of weird and wonderful places. Take this contra-vision vinyl used by Johnsons Volkswagen on a clear glass partition door. https://v-m-t.co.uk/contra-vision-vinyl-graphics-volkswagen/ elow are some examples of great places to share your message via workplace wall graphics. Reception/Welcome Areas Why not make the first place that your clients, new starters and visitors visit set the tone for everything they see or hear after? You can use your reception/welcome area to – -Explain the journey, history or timeline of the business. -Communicate information about the work that happens onsite. -Show who the customers are and why they use your service. Workshop Wall Along with explaining more about the business and tone-setting, Workplace Wall Visuals are also excellent in displaying key reminder information such as- -Business improvement principles such as 5S or 7 Wastes. -Procedural information. -Signage both directional and instructional. Meeting Room/Feature Wall Workplace Visuals don’t have to communicate a specific message. Displaying nice imagery or textures can help to make your meeting rooms or offices more pleasant environments in which to spend time. Perhaps you have a local landmark or skyline that would provide a good link back to the region or community of people who work in the business.
Workplace Visuals and us.
At VMT, we are proud providers of workplace visuals for several reasons. Firstly, we love providing visual solutions to workplace problems and seeing one of our clients succeed always feels like a win! But also, we think it’s great to spruce up a previously dull environment. Providing a slice of energetic imagery to a factory can really change the working dynamic in the workplace itself. If People want to go to work because of a project we’ve put together, that’s a huge win for us. So, if you think workplace wall visuals could benefit your business, follow the link below and contact Visual Management Technology today! https://www.v-m-t.co.uk