How can Visual Management bring value to your business?

Firstly, this blog isn’t an attempt at a transparent sales pitch, we promise! It’s just our attempt to offer some information to highlight how beneficial visual management can be for your business. So, where do we begin? OK, so let’s think about the way we process information; we’re sure you’ve heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words, ‘ right? Well, if you haven’t, you have now!

Basically, how we soak up and process the information we are given varies from one individual to the next. However, the overarching theory is that the easier it is to digest and process, the better job we do of taking it in, hence highlighting the value of visual management.


However, before we go on, we want to make it absolutely clear there is no hard and fast way to go about creating visual management tools within your business. There are many varied implementation methods, and each can differ in success depending on the nature of the business itself. That’s where you’ll need an expert, like, well, us.


Anyway, let’s skip to the good bit.


Improving safety and correct decision making.

You may not have thought of it like this, but when you see a visual stimulus, your behaviour towards that touchpoint is mainly based on your knowledge. For example, when you reach a red light in your car, you stop, green you go and so on, thus creating order and improving the safety of the roads. A similar order can be implemented within your workplace whereby visual warnings such as: Floor tape will prevent someone from entering an unsafe area or performing a dangerous action. Or shadow boards limiting the tooling that can be used for a specific process and reducing the chances of unsafe actions being undertaken with inappropriate equipment.


Growing employee commitment and morale.

OK, if your business is highly sales or performance focused, you’ll probably know this already, but there is no greater builder of sales or output numbers than competition. Therefore, you can involve your employees more in your business by visually presenting their performance using visual management tools. It’s pivotal to remember that an employee committed to their own and their team’s success is incredibly likely to improve the overall success of your business.


Keeping your business processes on track.


When visual management is implemented correctly, it can have an incredibly beneficial effect on your goals and aspirations. If you think of any one job that your business has completed in the recent weeks, several different elements likely had to come together to make that job a success. Whether it was various departments offering advice as to the project’s development. Or several individuals all using their skill set to get the job out of the factory in time.


The beauty of visual management boards is that you can track each and every process visually, so your staff know where they are needed and for how long. This improves communication within your workplace and builds a rapport between different departments.


Tracking the processes involved in each job will also help the decision-makers understand the business’s current capabilities and whether or not they can do more or fewer jobs. Manning, Yamazumi or Resource Allocation visual management boards will support this decision making


 Making the complex simple.


The last benefit we wanted to highlight is perhaps the most obvious and of the most significant importance. All of the above simply isn’t attainable in your business if you don’t implement your visual management techniques in the right way in the first place. That’s because if the information you are portraying isn’t easy to understand, it won’t be able to guide and inform your employees.


In some businesses, information is portrayed in a manner far too complex for the people who need to understand it. It should be a part of your everyday processes to assess the knowledge of your staff and to train and inform them with visual management cues in ways that benefit the staff and not you. Ultimately if it benefits the staff creating the value in the business, it benefits the business.


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