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Cleaning Station with Tools

Cleaning Stations

5S Cleaning Stations provide the perfect platform for ensuring that cleaning equipment is at the right place, at the right time, when it is needed.

Simple and well presented visual information in business is essential to facilitate, co-ordinated and prosperous teams.

Your own Configuration

We have a range of standard Cleaning Stations that come complete with tools for you to choose from to suit your cleaning demand. We can supply our stations to suit tools that you may already have in place.


Wallmounted stations are ideal to keep near heavy traffic or high chance of spillage areas. Static cleaning stations ensure everybody knows where the cleaning equipment is located when needed.
Cleaning Stations Mobile with Tooling

Mobile or Freestanding

If wall space is at a premium or the tools need to be close to hand at a central location within a work space. Our frames ensure the right tool, at the right time, at the right place.

Why use a Cleaning Station

Reduce time searching for cleaning tools

Differentiate between production areas

Increase life of cleaning tools

Add professionalism to your workplace

Your board, how you need it.

While we have a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ designs, we understand that no two business are the same. Create your whiteboard overlay exactly how you need it to be with some of our useful tools below.



Using our template maker to design your own whiteboard, don't worry if its not the neatest, our design team are always here to help.


Our brochure with more information regarding the specifics of our management whiteboards and the extras available.