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shadow board on a A frame, holding changeover parts

VMT develop, design and manufacture bespoke Changeover parts Shadow Boards for varying clients and applications. We have a long history of supplying Changeover parts Shadow Boards to support SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die) processes in industries such as Food and Drink, Pharmaceutical and volume manufacturing.

What is SMED

SMED or Single Minute Exchange of Die is a Lean production method of reducing the time taken to changeover from one run, batch or product to another. The Single Minute phrase indicates that the target is to reduce changeover times to single digits (under 10 minutes). A die is a tool used in manufacturing (such as metal stamping or plastic moulding) but the die can refer to a set of parts or jigs that are used in a repeated frequency to produce a part or perform a function.

How do Changeover Parts Shadow Boards help with SMED?

One of the most important techniques to support SMED implementation is separating the internal and external set up and where possible convert internal to external. External actions can be undertaken without the need for the line or machine to be stopped, internal can only be performed with the line or machine stopped. Conversion of internal to external might involve the build up of sub-assemblies or loosely tightening fixings ahead of the changeover.

Ensuring the parts for the next run are all accounted for and in good condition should be an external action – it can happen whilst the machine is running, a Changeover Parts Shadow Board provides a platform for keeping the parts in good condition and ensuring all parts are accounted for. Putting the parts back onto the Shadow Board is also an external action which can happen once the machine is back up and running again.

VMT are able to supply Changeover parts Shadow Boards on mobile frames, reducing the distance between machine and parts storage. This means there is minimal time required to position the parts into the machine during the changeover process helping to reduce the internal set up times and support the SMED principle.

Are there other benefits to using a Changeover Parts Shadow Board?

Along with supporting SMED implementation the use of Changeover Parts Shadow Boards has other operational benefits.

  • A Changeover parts shadow board provides secure visual storage for the parts required for the next production run.
  • Training of new team members is supported as parts are grouped together and can be named with the inclusion of part names printed on the Shadow Board helping with any complicated terminology or naming.
  • Storing important pieces of machinery and tooling on Changeover Shadow Boards places value on this equipment and encourages team members to treat this equipment with consideration and care.
  • PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) is supported as equipment can quickly be visually inspected and if needed basic maintenance/lubrication can be actioned.

How can VMT help me create a Changeover Parts Shadow Board?

For a small charge which can be added to the cost of the Shadow Board, VMT provide an onsite design service so we can ensure that intricate or heavy machine parts are accurately surveyed so that the storage of your Changeover parts on you Shadow Board is accurate and safe. Or, if you would prefer to save a little bit of cost on we can provide detailed instructions on how to send us the information we need to create accurate shadows of the Changeover parts.

If the Shadow Board is to be provided on a mobile frame, we will send a 3D concept drawing with sizes so you can see an accurate representation of what the final solution will look like.

For more information please visit our Shadow Boards page, or get in touch here.