Visual Management & Ardagh Metal Beverage

Visual Management & Ardagh Metal Beverage

Maintaining quality control through Visual Management.

With every client, no matter how large or small, comes a different set of problems to solve. At VMT, we specialise in providing visual management solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of a business. Harnessing our experience and knowledge, we create practical visual management tools to help any business flourish. In this blog, we will discuss the project brought to us by Ardagh Metal Beverage and how we provided a solution to suit their needs. As a glass and metal packaging provider for some of the world’s biggest brands, there needed to be a strong focus on quality control and productivity at their site in Rugby. Once the project arrived, we knew it was one that we could really do a fantastic job with and there created something that highlighted a clear vision for all of the staff members. So, let’s move on to the exciting stuff.

The challenge posed by Ardagh Metal Beverage

Ardagh Metal Beverage asked us if we were able to provide visual management for the whole site that provided a consistent approach and fed into one unified vision. The solution had to communicate with all team members and visitors of the site that PPE and Health and Safety were paramount to the business, that housekeeping and 5S standards were always met and that quality control was absolutely essential for the company. Ardagh-Bottling

The solutions provided by VMT

Across the Ardagh Metal Beverage site, we provided multiple visual management solutions to enable us to meet their expectations and provide an adequate solution. PPE Requirement Signage In fast-paced and demanding environments, staff safety becomes even more of a priority as the risk increases. VMT provided PPE requirement signage to act as a constant reminder to all of those who were passing through the site, both workers and visitors, of the necessary safety equipment that they should be wearing. We chose to use mirrors within the signage to add extra visual impact. This worked by drawing the individual’s attention to what they were wearing rather than what they were being told to wear. Product quality checking boards Visual Management quality control This solution was made entirely bespoke to the requirements of the client. The quality checking boards utilised a visual cue which highlighted the acceptable standard of product to that which had been produced. For example, green being acceptable and red falling beneath the quality control standards. The type of cue provides a simple and quick method of checking quality control if in doubt. Cleaning Stations  Cleaning stations are one of the more popular visual management devices within a workshop setting. They help ensure that the equipment needed to sustain 5S housekeeping standards is available and at hand. They also encourage workers to replace the cleaning tools after use and create a scenario where no time is wasted looking for the tools needed. The supplied Cleaning Stations were colour coded to differentiate between general cleaning areas and those of high care within the factory. This also helps keep potential contaminants from being spread around the workshop. Ardagh Metal Visual Management

The Visual Management results.

At VMT, we ensured that the look and feel of the Visual Management we implemented were on-brand and remained consistent throughout. By using brand colours, you are able to increase buy-in from staff and increase the credibility of the initiative.

Feedback from the client!

“VMT offered us a flexible approach and service; they supported us in ensuring the products they supplied fulfilled the specification agreed. They were knowledgeable of best practices in visual management and have supplied a product that not only looks the part but performs a vital function.” Want to learn more about how VMT can help you introduce visual management within your business? Follow the link below.

VMT Cleaning Stations

VMT Visual Management Centres

How could having a 5S cleaning station improve your efficiency??

At VMT, we have been facilitating visual management solutions to workplace problems for almost ten years. However, our experience goes back way beyond the founding of the business. As sector experts for as long as we can remember, it’s fair to say we’ve seen some brilliant visual management implementation and, of course, some outstanding results. The beauty of using a company like VMT to help with your business’s visual management is that you benefit from our wealth of knowledge and our incredible eye for detail. So, it’s pretty much win/win. At VMT, we pride ourselves on the standard of work that leaves our HQ, and in the past ten years, we have solidified ourselves as the UK’s leading manufacturer of Visual Management solutions. In this blog, we want to talk all about cleaning stations. Of course, there are several reasons why a cleaning station could benefit your business, but we want you to have a look at some of the ways you may have overlooked and gain an understanding as to why they are so popular. So, let’s move on to the good stuff.

What is a cleaning station??

In case you’re coming into this blog with no or little prior knowledge, we thought it would be beneficial to explain more about cleaning stations. Essentially a cleaning station does what it says on the tin. It is a designated area or (station), if you prefer, whereby all of your cleaning equipment is stored. 5S cleaning stations provide the perfect place so that you can ensure all of your cleaning equipment is in the right place at the right time. It’s vital to remember… Simple and well-presented visual information in business is essential to facilitate coordinated and prosperous teams. Man walking past cleaning station

Do cleaning stations come as standard?

We are often asked whether cleaning stations come with a standard fit, and luckily for our customers, the answer is no! We do have several common variations that come complete with tools if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require too much imagination. However, we can also supply stations that suit whatever tools you already use within your workplace. with this sort of product, flexibility is critical, and with VMT, the ball is very much in your court as to what you would like to include in your station.

What about the room?

If you feel like your workspace doesn’t have the room for a cleaning station, we would ask that you think again. Not only are cleaning stations effective visual management tools, but they also show that you care about the health and safety of your environment, employees, guests etc. If you’re struggling with space, we have two options for you. Wallmounted cleaning stations are perfect to have located near heavy traffic or high chance of spillage areas. Wallmounted cleaning stations ensure everybody knows where the cleaning equipment is located when needed. Mobile and Freestanding cleaning stations are ideal if wall space is at a premium. As they can be moved, it’s also perfect to place them close to an area where tools will be needed urgently. Our frames ensure the right tool, at the right time, at the right place. food and drink cleaning station

Why use a cleaning station?

    • Reduce time searching for cleaning tools. 
    • Differentiate between production areas.
    • Increase the life of cleaning tools. 
    • Add professionalism to your workplace. 

Cleaning Stations and us.

At VMT, we specialise in providing solutions to make your day-to-day life smoother and more efficient. If anything you have read in this blog is of interest, or if you want to reach out to us and find out more about visual management, follow the link below. We cant wait to hear from you.

VMT Visual Management Centres

Visual management centre

VMT Visual Management Centres

How could a VMT visual management centre help your business?

You may have heard of visual management centres called several different names, Obeya and War Rooms being two of the most popular. Whatever name you choose to give them, they are undoubtedly a massive part of a successful visual management implementation process for a business. If you already have one in your place of work, then you’re ahead of the curve and making all the right moves to improve your efficiency. However, if you don’t, there’s still plenty of time to step up your game and start working out how to implement one today. In this blog, we want to highlight the benefits of visual management centres and teach you how the team at VMT can help your business. So, with that being said, let’s move on to the good stuff.

What is a visual management centre (Obeya, war room)?

A visual management centre gives your business dedicated meeting space for the purpose of tracking the overall performance of the company and its staff. They help increase problem-solving activity and provide a focus for all team activity. The centres block off all of the day-to-day distractions of a working environment and allow team meetings or briefings to focus on facts and figures. If you’re a manager or leader within your business, it’s essential to remember that…Standing up and presenting performance data and improvements in front of peers drives Lean behaviours.

Why Choose VMT?

At VMT, we utilise our years of experience when developing a sophisticated solution for your business. We focus our knowledge of Visual Management Centres on creating a functional and well-branded answer to your efficiency problems. Our process is clean and straightforward, and we take your initial idea through every stage of design and development until we reach the final delivery and assembly, which, of course, we can take care of too.

Integrating a management centre within your workspace.

Each Visual Management Centre that we design and build is constructed using durable aluminium machine-building extrusion. Thie material allows us to create something aesthetically pleasing as well as having the strength to support and integrate shadow boards holding tools etc. We can also include cleaning stations and safety signage, as well as technology such as large screen TVs and computer workstations.

Why should you use a visual management centre from VMT!

  • Removes the need for wall space and creates a room where you have space available for multiple team members.
  • Eliminates all external distracting factors when focusing on the facts and figures involved in performance.
  • A centre can help you project output, drive improvement and control the performance of the business and individuals.
  • VMT visual management centres are easy to extend and add new sections if your business requires them.
  • You receive a professional service from start to finish and benefit from our years of experience, knowledge and innovation.

Visual Management Centres and us.

At VMT, we love introducing Visual Management Centres into our client’s workplaces. Our exposure to and experience with the benefits of having a centre help us guide every customer on what will work best for their business. If you think a Visual Management Centre could benefit your business, get in touch with us today by following the link below.

Visual Management & Rolls-Royce

Visual Management & Rolls Royce

Visual Management & Rolls-Royce

Visual Management working for Rolls-Royce

It’s easy to overlook something you haven’t been aware of, and we understand that visual management sometimes falls into that category. However, that’s why we’re here, and that is precisely why we put together our weekly blogs and insights. Although the positive effects of visual management have long been documented, we know that businesses still want to talk about how it could help them. Of course, we know that every business is different and has its own set of problems that require a visual management solution. Just because it works for the ‘big players’ doesn’t mean it will work for you, but it does mean that it’s worth investigating!  In this blog, we want to talk you through our work for one of the most famous brands in the world, Rolls-Royce. Without further ado, let’s get on to the good stuff.

Visual Management Solutions

At VMT, our ever-growing client relationships are what have made us the leading provider of visual management solutions in the UK. We have amassed an incredibly diverse catalogue of clients, including some of the largest and most successful organisations across the UK and Europe. We love sharing the stories behind their success and the implementation of Lean Visual Management within their workplaces.

Rolls-Royce Client Story

Our client Rolls Royce is a leading manufacturer of gas turbine aircraft engines for civil and military use. The TBF (Turbine Blade Facility) manufactures a wide variety of HP (High Pressure) and IP (Intermediate Pressure) turbine blades for Rolls-Royce products. It is the leading facility globally for developing and manufacturing Single Crystal Casting. Rolls Royce TBF

The Visual Management Challenge

The safety culture within the TBF was incredible, as there had been over 1000 days since a lost-time accident had occurred. This led to Rolls-Royce wanting to maintain its mind-blowing safety culture and implement improvements where possible. Senior management from Rolls-Royce hired VMT to develop a safety welcome visual solution for the facility. The solution that VMT designed had to incorporate key safety messages and ensure that any staff and visitors to the facility were under no doubt that safety is the number one priority. It also needed to be striking enough that the safety message wouldn’t go unnoticed, fit within the current architecture of the building and be in keeping with the corporate branding of the Rolls-Royce Turbine Blade Facility.

The VMT Solution!

By working with the vision provided by the client, VMT were able to produce a safety arch that had a lasting impact and highlighted a clear and understandable message of safety and wellbeing. We identified that the archway would structurally fit within the existing architecture of the building and would provide a symbolic ‘gateway to safety’ within the facility. It was essential that we worked some key visual elements into the archway to reinforce the message provided and highlight the importance of safety within the facility.
  1. LED moving message board – provides welcome messages and updates that can be easily tweaked and updated ‘on the fly’.
  2. Commitment to Safety Signature Board – Rolls-Royce asked key personnel at the facility to sign a commitment to safety so all staff could see that the organisation values the safety of its people over all else.
  3. Person Responsible For Safety Mirror – A mirrored surface that reminds all entering the facility that above anyone else, the person that is most accountable for their safety is themselves.
The archway is assembled from a standard aluminium extrusion framework which is structural and long-lasting and is bolted to the floor for added security. Rolls Royce - Signage - Safety Arch (3)

What Was The Outcome?

We delivered and installed the Safety Archway, which immediately drew the attention of all operating at the facility.  Walking through the archway becomes a symbolic reminder of each individual’s responsibility to safety. The live updates portrayed on the archway ensure that the facility stays relevant to all current requirements and events.  The VMT safety archway was very well received by all and had an overwhelmingly positive opinion in the employee survey results. Want to learn more about how VMT can help you introduce visual management within your business? Follow the link below.

2022 – Our Year So Far

2022 our year so far

2022 Our Year So Far

Let’s talk about 2022.

As the fifth month of the year nears its end, we thought it would be worthwhile having a little look back over what we have achieved so far.

Twenty-Twenty-Two seems to have brought a slice of normality back to our everyday lives, albeit a slightly new version of the lives we once knew. This new way of life also means a new way of business, and 2022 portrays itself as somewhat like a learning curve for all of us.

So, what’s been going on? How are you keeping? How’s business?

The questions that we used to struggle to find an answer to are so much more valuable, having been through what has been some of the strangest years of our lives. All the time that passed without talking to a soul seems like a distant memory, and here we are, chatting away and pushing on with business.

In this blog, we wanted to speak about how the start of the year has treated us. We will discuss our motivation and aims for the coming six months and the run-up to Christmas. Oops, that felt like a swear word; probably a bit early for that, but never mind.

Let’s move swiftly on from the faux pas.

Work at VMT

The truth is the start of the year has exceeded our expectations. With a constant flurry of bespoke projects coming in and heading out of VMT HQ, it’s been busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a flourishing business comes a growing team, and that’s been great to see too. Meeting new faces, understanding how they work and reaching out into new directions with the business have been our focus. Increasing our online presence and enabling ourselves to help more businesses has been firmly in our sights, and we’d say we’ve done a pretty good job of it.

If you see our online posts, feel free to engage, it really helps!

Contra vision vinyl Four, volkswagen

Lessons we’ve learnt.

The first five months of twenty-twenty-two have been ones filled with lessons—understanding and establishing our place online as sector experts has been particularly interesting. We are hoping that by bringing visual management to the masses, we are able to share the value of its presence within your business.

Twenty-twenty-two has highlighted the value of interaction and how much we appreciate being to help those around us. Sharing our thoughts via blogs has allowed us to give something back to our clients and potential customers, and we feel we now fully understand the value of blogging.

We have also realised that no matter how tech-savvy the world may get, you can never replace good old fashioned communication. Now we are all operating on a fairly regular basis again, and catching up with our clients and talking through the many aspects of visual management is something we won’t take for granted in the future. Talk more, listen more, learn more.


What’s next for VMT?

As we head into the summer and the start of the second half of twenty-twenty-two, VMT HQ is filled with positivity. We are hoping for prosperity and growth and, of course, to keep providing our clients with a means to improve their efficiency.

If you think visual management could benefit your business, reach out to us today by following the link below.

Visual Management Health and Safety Signage

Visual Management Health and Safety Signage

Health and Safety Signage

How can implementing Safety Signage within your business benefit you?

It’s no secret that since Covid-19 sneakily invited itself into our lives, health and safety have jumped to the forefront of most of our issues. You only had to take one look at the regulated PPE to see the day-to-day changes the world was to face. While most face masks are gone, there’s still more of a need than ever to protect your employees from the possible and, of course, the unknown. At VMT, we are experts in developing bespoke Safety Signage that will have a clear visual impact in your workplace and keep the workforce protected. Our team are always on hand to provide new ideas and ways that your business can tick that tricky health and safety boxes. In this blog, we are going to walk through some of the ways that your business can implement safety signage, the reasons why it’s necessary and how it will benefit you as a company. So, without further ado, let’s get on to the juicy stuff.

Why implement safety signage

Health and safety is an essential requirement in any workplace and is something you are legally bound to uphold as a business. Implementing safety signage can be the difference between providing adequate information and being found negligent for not doing so. Implementing VMT safety signage helps to: –
  • Keep the workforce safe and protected through clear instructions and the provision of the correct PPE.
  • Work towards zero harm by raising awareness and driving safety improvement.
  • Comply with Health and Safety laws and engage with the workforce.

Ways to implement safety signage.

When it comes to implementing safety signage, the team at VMT can help your business optimise your safety offering. Whether you are thinking about strategic placement or the nature of the message you are displaying, we can help optimise both. Here are some of the different ways that your business can implement safety signage within your workplace.
PPE Safety Signage
PPE stations make sure that workers and visitors are aware of your critical safety requirements and PPE obligations. Each station contains easy to read safety instructions with universal symbols and can be personalised by inserting your company logo and specific PPE requirements.
Welfare Stations
VMT Health & Safety Equipment Stations have been developed to professionally store and make available the key elements needed to treat unwanted workplace injuries. The VMT Health & Safety Equipment Station includes an eyewash kit, first aid kit, lens cleaning kit, and an ear protector dispenser but can be customised to suit your organisation’s requirements.
Safety Display Signage
VMT supplies bespoke Safety Arch structures that welcome workers to a facility with reminders and information that keeps themselves and their fellow workers safe and protected. Live information and updates can be shown and amended ‘on the fly’ via the LED moving message display.

Safety signage and us!

At VMT, we are experts in advising on, designing and supplying bespoke Visual Management solutions. It’s vital to remember that the more visually engaging your safety signage is, the more likely it is to capture the attention of your staff and visitors. If you are looking for a team of experts who can help provide your business with a complete service regarding safety signage, then look no further. Have a look around the page below and reach out if there’s anything you would like to discuss.

Visual Management Foam Solutions

Visual Management Foam Solutions

Could a VMT Foam Solution be the answer to your efficiency problems?

At VMT, we understand first-hand the difficulties that can arise due to poorly maintained or missing equipment. A lot of time can easily be wasted trying to identify what is missing and where that lost item may be. However, as always, with your business efficiency issues, VMT are here with a solution, and that solution is our foam inserts and shadows. If you can clearly see your required tools and equipment, you will always have the right one for the job at hand. Our foam solutions are professional and cost-effective and will allow your staff to keep on top of their kit no matter where the next job may be. With a foam shadow, there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

Benefits of having  Foam Tool Inserts.

Parts kitting If you are a business that delivers parts, then a foam kit box ensures that the correct amount of components are shipped to your customer. They also make it simple to check that the specifics of a parts order have been met correctly.  A Logical layout of the parts has also been proven to save time in the assembly/fitting process.  Tool Organisation Foam shadows with tool shaped cut out pockets provide a simple, visual way of ensuring tools are stored away after use. This can help minimise the risk of damage to parts or machinery. Having somewhere to store your parts and tools also means that all operational areas remain clean, tidy and free of potential hazards. Once your business masters tool control, it will help create a process whereby tools that aren’t in use are always readily available, eradicating wasted time and making your working processes more efficient. Protection Next is perhaps one of the most obvious yet overlooked features of tool foam shadows, protection! All of our VMT bespoke foam solutions provide excellent protection for all of your valuable or easily damaged parts and equipment whilst in transit. At VMT, we understand that each business has its own independent set of problems. Our tools cases and foam come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so that we can provide a solution for your business regardless of the issues faced.
Why you should buy a VMT foam insert today! 
  • Improve tool and parts accountability. 
  • Reduce losses from part damage. 
  • Save time wasted searching for tools & parts. 
  • Prevent the risk of FOD (Foreign object damage). 
  • Ensure you have the correct kit when ‘on the move’.

Foam Solutions and us!

At VMT, our team of visual management experts are always on hand to help your business improve its efficiency. Whether you are looking for a large scale project or a smaller solution to fix a recurring problem, we’ve got your back. When it comes to foam inserts/shadows, we offer a fully bespoke solution so that your equipment and parts can remain in the best possible condition. We know how much of a problem can be caused by lost or damaged parts, and we want to help you put that problem behind you for good. If you want to learn more about foam inserts, follow the link below.

Feature Wall Graphics

Feature Wall Graphics

How could feature wall graphics benefit your business?

At VMT, we cover all of your visual management needs and graphic solutions. From visual management boards to foam solutions, safety signage, floor markings, and everything in-between. We know how keen our clients are to freshen up their workshop, and that’s why in this blog, we wanted to talk about Workplace Wall Visuals! VMT Workplace Wall Visuals do more than provide an aesthetically pleasing environment. They make important business messages visually striking and clear. Staff and visitors alike can understand the organisation’s values and the direction of travel. Wall graphics also create an inviting and positive environment to work in, therefore building a business that employees love working for. Think outside the box with your graphics, and you can achieve anything you desire, whether that is to spur on your team and build camaraderie or give instruction and direction.
What can your graphics include?
Our clients often ask for guidance when deciding what information to include in their workplace wall visuals. The beauty of choosing VMT is that we are here to guide you through the process using our expertise and knowledge. There aren’t a particular set of rules that a business must follow when it comes to wall graphics. What you want to achieve is largely down to the message you elect to portray and the tone of voice in which you say it. Here are some of the things that work well within the workplace. Corporate branding.  Ensures the link to the workplace and the corporate brand or organisational identity is clear and consistent.  Mission/Values. The visual wall messages help to guide actions and behaviours towards the overall vision of the business or organisation.  Origins/History.  Assurance can be found in the roots of an organisation or business. Use wall visuals to show your pedigree and expertise in what you do. Products/Services. What is the value in your business for which you want your customers to pay? Delivery of this value should be everyone’s priority. Clients. To who are you delivering the value created? Show pride in the variety of sectors you work in or the profile of the client with which you work. Business Principles. Your Principles may be Lean or Continuous Improvement Methods, etc. Use wall visuals to show your teams how the business “works”.
Where should you put your graphics?
Without stating the obvious, how much you are able to say with your graphics boils down to the space you have available. In our experience, we have witnessed businesses place their graphics in all kinds of weird and wonderful places. Take this contra-vision vinyl used by Johnsons Volkswagen on a clear glass partition door. elow are some examples of great places to share your message via workplace wall graphics. Reception/Welcome Areas Why not make the first place that your clients, new starters and visitors visit set the tone for everything they see or hear after? You can use your reception/welcome area to – -Explain the journey, history or timeline of the business. -Communicate information about the work that happens onsite. -Show who the customers are and why they use your service. Workshop Wall Along with explaining more about the business and tone-setting, Workplace Wall Visuals are also excellent in displaying key reminder information such as- -Business improvement principles such as 5S or 7 Wastes. -Procedural information. -Signage both directional and instructional. Meeting Room/Feature Wall Workplace Visuals don’t have to communicate a specific message. Displaying nice imagery or textures can help to make your meeting rooms or offices more pleasant environments in which to spend time. Perhaps you have a local landmark or skyline that would provide a good link back to the region or community of people who work in the business.
Workplace Visuals and us.
At VMT, we are proud providers of workplace visuals for several reasons. Firstly, we love providing visual solutions to workplace problems and seeing one of our clients succeed always feels like a win! But also, we think it’s great to spruce up a previously dull environment. Providing a slice of energetic imagery to a factory can really change the working dynamic in the workplace itself. If People want to go to work because of a project we’ve put together, that’s a huge win for us. So, if you think workplace wall visuals could benefit your business, follow the link below and contact Visual Management Technology today!

Shop Floor Visual Management

Shop floor Visual management

Shop Floor Visual Management

At VMT, we are a team of visual management experts that supply our clients with Obeya & Visual Management solutions to best support their unique needs and environment. Having worked across several sectors, we understand that the needs of each business vary. Therefore we make sure our solutions are flexible, functional and well-branded. You may also see Visual management centres called Obeya or War rooms. Could a visual management centre be the answer to the needs of your business? Read on to find out more.
Case study
This visual management centre developed for Metrolink Manchester allowed the business to put the visuals they needed on the shop floor. Staff were able to access performance and organisational information and could act on the information shown. VMT can supply Visual Management centres that allow for the provision of large screens. We can also integrate client branding in a minimalist or bespoke way. Metrolink-Whiteboard-Management-Centre-3-scaled Metrolink-Whiteboard-Management-Centre-4-scaled
Management Centre Integration
VMT Visual Management Centres are constructed using durable and aesthetically-pleasing aluminium machine-building extrusion. This material allows us to assemble an integrated Visual Management Centre at your site. Your centre can include supporting Visual Management tools such as 5S Shadow Boards, Cleaning Stations and Signage. We can also integrate technology such as large screen TVs and computer workstations. Walki Visual Management centrę
Why should you integrate a visual management centre on your shop floor?
A visual management centre provides a dedicated meeting space for all of your workforce. Team members can track performance and review the problem-solving activity of the business. Visual management centres provide a focus for team activity, meetings and briefings. When a line manager or decision-maker can stand up and present performance data to their team, it provides focus on data and improvement and Lean behaviours. Therefore helping businesses to become more efficient in their day-to-day workings. At VMT, we keep the process simple. We take your idea from the initial stages through design development and concept to delivery and final assembly.
Positives of a Visual Management Centre, Obeya or War room.
Create a hub away from daily distractions to manage projects, drive improvements and control performance. Easy to extend and add new sections if. Remove the need for free wall space and create the room where you have space available. Promote employer branding and create a happier and more positive place to work. Want to learn more about Visual Management Centres, Obeya and War Rooms?  Just follow the link below.

Food and Drink Sector: – Visual Management Solutions

Food and drink sector visual management

Food and Drink Sector: Visual Management Solutions

VMT have extensive experience developing and implementing Visual Management solutions for the Food & Drink Industry. Some of the Visual Management challenges faced by this industry include:
  • Contamination of ingredients and surface areas
  • Cleanliness
  • Hourly targets for production quantities
  • Error and waste reduction
  • Management of Tooling and Equipment
VMT has delivered several products and solutions for the Food and Drink industry. Including a range of suitable products for Hygiene Environments, where contamination can be an issue. ———————–
Cleaning Stations – Baker and Baker
Having an area to house and store Hygiene Equipment is critical in a Food and Drink environment. The equipment must be easily accessible when a location needs urgently cleaning or if there is a spillage. Fixing the Cleaning Stations to a mobile frame can also be helpful as this allows easy mobility for a range of tooling and equipment at one time. The tooling and equipment can also be colour coded for different areas of a factory. Therefore, creating a sense of ownership and responsibility within your workforce to keep the tooling in the correct place and take care of them. Colour coding can also be helpful for specific processes, ingredients, allergens, or cleaning areas.
food and drink cleaning station
Baker and Baker Cleaning Station
Welfare & Safety Station – 
The purpose of these stations is to create a central location for all health, safety and environment information and an area for emergency kits. Having stations located around a factory allows the team members to familiarise themselves with their first aiders and the available emergency kits. We have designed these specifically so they are clear and visible from various areas of the factory, so when an emergency arises, they can quickly seek and use the equipment. This factory had several steel walls that they were reluctant to drill into. The solution was that we were able to design a solution for them that allows for them to magnetise the board onto the steel wall instead of using screws. We can also help implement this solution for other directional and locational signs.
Welfare & Safety Station – Greencore
Welfare & Safety Station – Greencore
Visual Management Board (Short Interval Control) – Baker & Baker
Baker & Baker used several Scorecard Boards around the factory for different lines/product areas. These Boards consisted of a SIC breakdown, Overall Shift ‘Goal & Actual’, Weekly Trends within Safety, Quality, Productivity, Waste and 5S, Action Log. Having a Short Interval Control breakdown allows the team to collect data for each day/week and review any trends or failures that occurred within the under-target times. This creates a clearer view of where improvements can be made on the line or to plan for downtime maintenance.
Visual Management Board (Short Interval Control) – Baker & Baker
Visual Management Board (Short Interval Control) – Baker & Baker
Shadow Boards – Muller
VMT has supplied a variety of Shadow Boards for the Muller Manchester sites Engineering area. These Shadow Board Tools consist of Lifting Equipment, Hand Tools and Power Tools. We were asked to create a wall space to accommodate the tooling where they were easily accessible and in one location and utilise the small wall space available.
Shadow Board – Muller
Shadow Board – Muller
Are you looking for visual management solutions within the food and drink sector?
At VMT, we are the UK’s leading provider of Visual Management solutions, specialising in advising on, designing and supplying bespoke Visual Management solutions. We provide everything from simple high impact visual solutions through to innovative workspace planning and optimisation.  Our background within the food and drink sector allows us to share our knowledge so that you can learn from the mistakes of others and carve your own visual management path. Just follow the link below.