Maintenance Tooling Shadow Boards

Maintenance Tooling Shadow Boards

At VMT, we believe that only the tools needed for the process need to be visually stored on our Shadow Boards. But, in a complex and busy maintenance area where there is a demand for varied and bespoke workflow, the need for a comprehensive kit of tooling is paramount. VMT ensures that our Shadow Boards’ design layout is logical, ergonomic, and makes the best use of available space.

The Shadow Boards shown here do have a large amount of hand-tooling stored. But the visual nature makes this storage much more efficient for day to day use than, for example, the tools being stored away in tool chests. It is immediately apparent when a tool is in use or missing as there is a shadow in place of the tool.

Changeover Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards

Changeover Shadow Boards

Are you looking to decrease changeover times, reduce errors or support standardised work in your operations? VMT can support with Shadow Boards for vital tooling, parts and equipment, no matter how complex.

VMT are market leaders in supplying tooling and equipment shadow boards such as these for Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery. We have expertise in ensuring that complex changeover parts and equipment are securely, efficiently and visually stored away.

These Visual Management tools are vital in removing wasted time gathering equipment in a changeover process and support SMED (Single Minute Exchange Die) processes.

Train Maintenance Shadow Boards

Train Station Visual Tool Storage

It was great to visit Northern Rail Newton Heath train maintenance depot (TMD) yesterday and see the small part our bespoke Lean Shadow Boards are playing in ensuring tooling and equipment is always to hand for Train Maintenance and Exams.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with Northern as they begin work in their new Shed for the new CAF stock they are introducing. 

VMT supplies Lean Visual Tool Storage solutions for tooling and equipment to ensure no time is wasted searching for equipment or parts.

Colour Coordinated Shadow Boards

Colour coordinated shadow boards

VMT supplies Shadow Boards that allow teams to:


– Save time searching for tooling.


– Reduce the chaos of storing parts and tools in drawers with no inventory control.


– Support the 5S process by providing a standard that is maintained. 


– Colour coordination is an excellent way of providing clarity and ownership to visual tool storage.


– Put the onus on the individual to be responsible for primarily their safety and also that of others.


– Show visitors how to protect themselves when visiting your site.

Changeover Shadow Board

Right Part, Right Place, Right Time.

VMT supplies bespoke Changeover Shadow Boards to: 

– Support a SMED process. 

– Protect valuable assets and tools from damage. 

– Save time searching for similar Changeover parts.