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Cluttered workspace before implementing visual management shadow boards

Reducing MUDA - Management Boards

The largest UK Based Bus and Fire Engine Chassis Manufacturer were implementing a roll out project to reduce MUDA (Waste) across their factory to support a Takt time reduction due to increased customer demand.

VMT were engaged by the site Manufacturing Engineering Manager to propose visual solutions to support the demand for efficiency savings.

The Challenge

VMT spent time engaging with the line operators to understand their challenges and how lean visual working could aid them in their work and improve overall efficiency.

It was quickly identified that there was significant time spent searching for tooling and equipment in tool drawer cabinets and the local area. VMT identified that visual tool storage and setting home locations for key equipment would reduce the time required to locate an item.

unorganised workspace before implementing visual management shadow boards
Implemented Shadow Boards

The Solution

VMT worked with the line operators to develop tool lists from which Shadow Board designs were developed with an efficient logical layout. Operator involvement is essential in the success of a Shadow Board project as they use the items day to day they have to function as well as have visual impact.

Along with supplying multiple large and comprehensive hand tooling shadow boards we also delivered cleaning tool shadow boards, team leader boards and signage. These additional items all support the governance in the use of the shadow boards and the new efficient working practice.

The Results

Helping people develop efficient habits not only reduces waste but helps make the workplace a more satisfying place to be

An engaged and satisfied work operation team with a Takt reduction from 9.2 to 8.3 hours.

Implemented Shadow Boards