Case Study Video

At VMT we believe we have the most comprehensive range of Visual Management solutions available in the UK and we pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with our clients’. The pillars on which these client relationships are built are the advice, support and flexible approach we provide with our Visual Management solutions.


Over the last 3 years we have been working very closely with multi-site Automotive Tier 1 Supplier Sertec Group to help them on a journey of operational excellence overhaul. Initially, we began by designing and supplying key Visual Management products to one of their stamping sites. These solutions covered key business performance areas such as:

  • Safety (PPE Signage, Safety Archway, Floor Graphics)
  • Basic ‘day-to-day’ operations (Directional Signs, Kanban style instruction, Concern Resolution Visual Management)
  • 5S (Cleaning Station Shadow Boards, 5S Visual Management Boards)
  • Delivery (Project Planning and KPI tracking Visual Management)


Sertec as a business who feel it important to project to visitors, customers, staff and new starters a company that is serious about what they do, value the company history and take pride in their work. VMT supported Sertec by developing, designing and supplying simple visual solutions such as:

  • Timeline wall graphics
  • Outside signage
  • Memorial garden visuals


One particular project that Sertec required more detailed support with developing, was their Dojo training area. This area is used to train new starters into the company the fundamental skills they need to work safely and efficiently on the shop floor. After initial on-site consultation we began by providing a 3-Dimensional plan view visual of the area so the Plant Manager was better able to visualise and plan out the space available to him. From this point we were able to insert into the visual the designs for the Signage and Visual Management that were installed in the area. This allowed the Plant Manager to obtain approval from the stakeholders within the business ahead of installation. New starters to the business are now exposed to Visual Management and best practice workplace visuals from day one, so they are proficient and familiar with these working methods once they are introduced to the shop floor.


Sertec management understand the importance of sharing the results of good Kaizen activity across their business (Yokoten) and as such, we have had contact to help support Visual Management roll-out at their other three sister sites. At VMT we keep a library of the designs we have been supplying to our clients which made it easy for us to show the other Sertec sites the “catalogue” of the more transferrable designs we have developed for the company. The transfer of the Visual Management implemented at the initial site helps with the standardisation of approach that is one of the foundations found in a company embracing operational excellence. It means that someone from one site should be able to operate within the key Visual Management framework and recognise the key visual prompts and instructions when working within one of the other group sites.


Sertec have been so pleased with the relationship we have developed with them that they kindly agreed to allow us to produce our own case study video with them. The results of the video that we planned, filmed and edited ourselves can be seen below.