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Rolls Royce TBF

Safety Arches for Rolls Royce

Our client Rolls Royce is a leading manufacturer of gas turbine aircraft engines for civil and military use.

The TBF (Turbine Blade Facility) manufactures a wide variety of HP (High Pressure) and IP (Intermediate Pressure) turbine blades for Rolls-Royce products. It is the leading facility in the world for the Development and Manufacturing of Single Crystal Casting.

The Challenge

The TBF safety culture was very good and there had been over 1000 days since a Lost Time Accident had occured. The need to maintain & improve the safety culture led to VMT being engaged by senior Rolls Royce management to develop a safety welcome visual solution for the facility. 

The solution had to incorporate key safety messages and ensure that any staff and visitors to the facility were under no doubt that safety is the number one priority and is taken seriously. The solution had to be bold and striking enough that the safety information to be displayed wouldn’t go unnoticed. The solution also needed to fit effectively with the existing architecture of the building and be in keeping with the clients corporate branding.

The Solution

VMT worked with the clients vision of a safety welcome system that had impact and projected a clear and understandable message of health, safety and wellbeing. Together an archway was identified as a structure that would fit into the existing architecture of the building and also provide a symbolic ‘gateway to safety’.

Key visual elements were worked into the archway to underpin and re-enforce the message and importance of safety-

  1. LED moving message board – provides welcome messages and updates that can be easily tweaked and updated ‘on the fly’.
  2. Commitment to Safety Signature Board – Key personal at the facility were asked to sign a commitment to safety so all staff could see that the organisation values safety of it’s people over all else.
  3. Person Responsible For Safety Mirror – A mirrored surface that reminds all entering the facility that above anyone else the person that is most accountable for their own safety is themselves

The Archway is assembled from a standard Aluminium extrusion framework which is structural and long lasting and was bolted to the floor for added security.

The Results

The Safety Archway was delivered and installed by VMT. It immediately drew attention form all operating at the facility – The act of walking through the archway becomes almost symbolic that the individual has been reminded of his own responsibility to be safe and the simple visual and live updates ensure the messages stay relevant with current events. This was very well received by all and also had a positive effect on the employee opinion survey results.

VMT has the capabilities to develop a Quality Archway, Manufacturing Archway & Continuous Improvement Archway’s. Please contact