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Reducing Train Depot Time with Visual Management

When required to change a part such as a Motor, as part of standard maintenance procedures, the skilled train Fitter would print off a bill of materials and take to stores to count and issue the required parts.

This process has wasteful elements such as waiting time (as the stores count out the parts) and motion (moving to the stores area).

As part of an initiative to switch to a ‘Pit Stop’ philosophy of maintaining trains, it was recommended that the client outsource the kitting of parts to parts distributor in order to reduce wasteful processes.

The Challenge

Help reduce turnaround of trains entering Train Maintenance Depots (TMD) for standard maintenance procedures by ensuring the fitters have all replacement parts (fixings and fasteners) to hand, in the right quantity and in good condition.

The Solution

VMT worked with both the client and their parts supplier to supply bespoke foam kit boxes.

The boxes are issued to the parts supplier who kit the boxes with the correct parts in the correct quantity. The shape and quantity of the pockets cut into the foam.

A visual Bill of Materials (fitted to the lid), make it difficult to pick the incorrect size part or pick the incorrect quantity of parts.

The parts supplier then supply the boxes (sealed for security) to the client who place them at lineside, ready to use.

The Results

Reduction in waste –  (motion and waiting for train fitter) resulting in improvement in overall train turnaround.

Poke yoke – shaped pockets to correct size of part make it difficult for the wrong part to be supplied in the kit.

Environmental – re-usable packaging reduces need to excessive packing material