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Quality Control through Visual Management

Our client Ardagh Metal Beverage (Rugby) is part of a global leading company in glass and metal packaging solutions for the world’s biggest brands. The site in Rugby has recently received investment to boost it’s manufacturing capabilities.

For the client the timing seemed perfect to boost the Visual performance of the business.

The Challenge

Provide a consistent approach of that feeds into the vision for Visual Management for the site, all the while clearly communicating with both team members and visitors to site, with a clear vision of-

-Keeping team members safe and protected

-Maintaining housekeeping & 5S standards

-Promoting quality control

The Solution

PPE Requirement Signage –

Keeping team members protected and safe is always a priority in any business but especially in the fast-paced demanding environments of large scale packaging production. The PPE requirement signs VMT supplied provide a constant reminder to both workers and visitors of what they should be wearing to protect themselves. The use of mirrors provide extra impact and help draw the individuals attention to the information communicated on the sign.

Cleaning Stations

Cleaning Stations provide a platform for helping to ensure that the equipment needed to help sustain 5S housekeeping standards are always to hand. They encourage workers to put the tool back in the home position and so save future potentially wasted time spent searching for tools.


The Cleaning Stations VMT supplied were colour coded to differentiate between general cleaning areas and area of high care within the factory. This helps to prevent potential contaminants being picked up (on general use tooling) and placed in an area that is high care.

Product Quality Check Boards

A completely bespoke solution tailored entirely to the clients need to raise any quality concerns before they become significant.  By utilising a clever method of product storage a scale of product acceptability is communicated by linking a visual cue (eg – red with message) to the standard of product seen at this level of quality alertness.

 This type of visual cue is essential to raising awareness of the acceptable levels of product standard and provide a very simple and quick method of checking if in doubt.


The Results

VMT ensured that the branding and look of the Visual Management implemented was consistent across site. This helps to obtain buy-in form the working teams and ensures the initiatives maintain credibility.


"VMT offered us a flexible approach and service they supported us in ensuring the products they supplied fulfilled the specification agreed. They were knowledgeable of best practice in Visual Management and have supplied a product that not only looks the part but performs a vital function."