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Shadow Board Cabinet

Cabinets & Framework

Wall space at a premium? Need some extra security for high value equipment? Heavy tooling or parts that need mechanical support to be stored?

We have a mounting solution to cover many of the practical challenges faced by the implementation of Visual Management Boards, Shadow Boards and Cleaning Stations.

Our Cabinet and Framework solutions will provide durability, longevity and a professional finish to your Visual Management solution.



Our standard Visual Management boards, 5S Cleaning Stations and Shadow Boards can all be supplied on frames with castors so that they can easily be positioned close to the work area or process.

Fixed Position

Our frames can be supplied with either floor mounting brackets (for bolting into the floor) or slim profile extrusion feet. Fixing frames into position can help support standardisation of factory layouts or protect against the risk of frames being knocked over in an environment with forklifts or other internal logistics.

Whiteboard on Mobile Frame
Shadow Board in a Lockable Cabinet


Commonly supplied with a 5S Shadow Board our clear panel cabinets are supplied fully assembled and custom built to size and specification.

Our cabinets create visual security for assets and equipment that are often locked away in working environments where there are temporary staff or contractors working on site.

They provide an added layer of shelter protection from harsh working environments to sensitive electronic or precisely calibrated tools.

Utilising visual storage helps to foster a culture of care for equipment. Clear panels allow for quick visual checks on the location of tools and equipment.

A Frames

We supply A frame for Shadow Boards where-

The unit  is to be moved around and there is a risk that any sudden jolts or movement could result in tool displacement.

The items to be stored on the board are of such weight and/or complexity that the additional stability and support of an A frame is beneficial.

Shadow Board with Change Over Parts

Your board, how you need it.

While we have a catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ designs, we understand that no two business are the same. Create your whiteboard overlay exactly how you need it to be with some of our useful tools below.



Using our template maker to design your own whiteboard, don't worry if its not the neatest, our design team are always here to help.


Our brochure with more information regarding the specifics of our management whiteboards and the extras available.