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Business lessons that 2021 taught us!


It goes without saying that twenty twenty-one was a strange year for most of us. The nearly back to normality but not quite lifestyle had its say on most businesses whilst others appeared to flourish. Whatever way we look at the last year, we can’t help but be optimistic that we are here to continue to thrive in twenty twenty-two.

This blog will talk about the lessons we learnt last year and how they will continue to fuel how Visual Management Technology moves forward as a business. So, without further ado, let’s get into the good stuff.


Knowing me, knowing you.


The first lesson that appeared incredibly early on in twenty twenty-one was that you could simply never put a price on a personal touch. At VMT, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and personable team. It seems that only once the ability to converse with our clients in person was taken away, we realised the value of being a customer-facing business.

Doing things online is great, and, of course, as more consumers rush to spend online, we understand how pivotal digital presence is. But for us, you can’t beat that personal touch, especially as a lot of our products are used to improve teamwork and productivity. Although maybe a shadowboard for digital tools is a thing of the future, who knows.


People still want the best.


As most of us struggled to get to grips with everyday life and recover from the hangover of twenty-twenty, the first point of call was to understand our purchasing behaviour once more. The working from home period drove most to buying the cheapest option online and meant that competition became increasingly fierce across many sectors.

Returning in twenty twenty-one, however, reminded us that, in fact, what we love is quality, especially where our businesses are concerned. In the visual management sector, cheap products have a considerably shorter lifespan and don’t cater to your business’s bespoke needs.

Quality visual management products are designed specifically to streamline processes, alleviate problems and help your business hit your KPI’s, targets and goals. To learn about some of the brilliant jobs we’ve undertaken, click the link below.


 Embrace the change.


Twenty Twenty-One, in many ways, was a year of reflection. The changes that had taken place in the previous 18 months had highlighted that nothing was guaranteed and that to take things for granted was incredibly short-sighted.

At VMT, we understand that in order to be able to provide our clients with the best products and services, we need to embrace the change around us. Not only in our sector but also business in general. We understand that a potential client’s needs have changed so drastically in the past two years, as the way we all do business changes too.

Here’s to more change, evolution and growth in twenty twenty-two.


Learning is a consistent process.


This last point is probably the most relevant as it relates to the post in general. If there was one overbearing thing that we learnt as a business in twenty twenty-one, it was that you never stop learning. The process of having new knowledge as your input and better business being your output is something for which we should all be striving.

It comes to us as no surprise that you should keep growing your knowledge pool, but the past couple of years have certainly highlighted how flexible knowledge can be. The best way to prepare yourself and your business is to maximise what you are doing today in terms of proficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, creating more opportunities to learn and grow as a business and as entrepreneurs.


Business Lessons and us.


At VMT, we’re putting realistic and tangible goals in place in order to measure our success in the coming year. We aim to provide the best service alongside the most comprehensive range of Visual Management solutions available in the UK and Europe. When it comes to sector knowledge, you needn’t look any further than VMT.

If you’ve read this blog and think that we could work together, we can’t wait to hear about your project. Follow the link below, send us a message or give us a call.