bollington VMT HQ

Bollington - Welcome to VMT HQ

As you may know, our base in Bollington is but a stone’s throw away from sleepy Macclesfield, although, at this moment, sleepy doesn’t seem like the correct term. Let’s say peaceful Macclesfield, and honestly, we love it here. Whilst being rural enough to enjoy fabulous walks, rides or runs dependant on what takes your fancy. The nearby town also has enough going on to make it worth a trip into town or two.
Local business is booming
Being a business based in Bollington is a blessing. Our location means we can comfortably cover the North-West with our visual management and lean solutions. Of course, we ship around the country and globally should we be needed, but where we are means a lot to us too. As the community continues to grow and flourish, we’ve been able to make some great friends in the area. Trust us, Bollington and Macclesfield and full of great businesses. With Manchester a mere fifteen miles away, it means that lots of great opportunities surround us, and we are incredibly thankful for this. The beauty of what we do is that with our help, we get to see other businesses flourish. We help companies build a more enjoyable and safe workplace, and we encourage employees to understand the value of efficiency. So, yes, it’s pretty rewarding. If you think that we could be of help to your business, we are only a phone call away. We don’t bite, love a good natter, and have plenty of stories to tell. All you have to do is follow the link below and arrange a call with us today.
Positivity is the key
Much of our work as visual management experts relies on buy-in from businesses and employee positivity. Luckily for us, Macclesfield frequently appears on the list of the happiest places to live in the UK. In fact, it’s been the highest-ranked town in the North West for some time, so there’s no surprise that a Bollington based business is so welcoming? Nope, no surprise. The Happy at Home index created by property giants Rightmove is based mainly around the town’s community spirit and the friendliness of the locals. You’ve also got the stunning local scenery and brilliantly rejuvenated town centre. We would like to think all of the businesses within the area contribute a little to it too.
Bollington and us!
When it comes to the area surrounding us, we hope that we play our part. If you’re looking for a Visual Management expert in Manchester or a workplace graphics agency in Macclesfield, we are here to help out. No job is ever too expansive for our team of professionals, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If you want to reach out and see how we could work together, follow the link below and send us a message. Or, if you are in the area and you’re looking for an expert near you, call into our workshop.