Colour Coordinated Shadow Boards

Colour coordinated shadow boards

VMT supplies Shadow Boards that allow teams to:


– Save time searching for tooling.


– Reduce the chaos of storing parts and tools in drawers with no inventory control.


– Support the 5S process by providing a standard that is maintained. 


– Colour coordination is an excellent way of providing clarity and ownership to visual tool storage.


– Put the onus on the individual to be responsible for primarily their safety and also that of others.


– Show visitors how to protect themselves when visiting your site.

PPE Signage

Visual Management Safety Signage

VMT supplies bespoke Visual Management safety signage solutions that allow organisations to:


-Protect the workforce and make it easy to remember PPE requirements. 


-Put the onus on the individual to be responsible for primarily their own safety and also that of others. 


-Show Visitors how to protect themselves when visiting a site.

Changeover Shadow Board

Right Part, Right Place, Right Time.

VMT supplies bespoke Changeover Shadow Boards to: 

– Support a SMED process. 

– Protect valuable assets and tools from damage. 

– Save time searching for similar Changeover parts.

SQCDP Performance

SQCDP Performance

See Clearly, Control Visually, Improve Continuously.

-VMT supplies bespoke Visual Management solutions that allow teams to; Track metrics and KPI’s in real time

-Understand where underperformance and bottlenecks are to be found

-Set out improvement plans

Back-Lit Status

Back-Lit Status

We were so impressed by the back-lit status light that our first-tier automotive client added to this bespoke SQD scorecard board we recently supplied them. That we knew we had to develop this product as part of our offering!

Back-lit status lights are an excellent way to first draw attention to important company information and secondly give immediate feedback on overall company performance… we hope it stays green!

Cleaning Station

Cleaning Station

VMT Cleaning Stations help set the housekeeping standard and lead teams on the importance of 5S. Cleaning stations are also a powerful tool in the ‘War on Waste’. They can help by:

-Saving time searching for a missing tool.

-Increase the lifespan of the equipment.

-Ensure equipment is in the right place, at the right time when needed.