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Heath & Safety Welfare Station

Safety & Signage

Protect, Inform, Direct.

Keep the workforce protected

Give direction and prompt action

Explain processes

Health and safety is a basic requirement in the workplace. Using Visual Management Signage helps to comply with Health and Safety law and keep the workforce engaged.

VMT have supplied Safety and Signage projects to various sectors to serve a wide range of purposes.

  • Safety
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • 5S
  • Policy Deployment & Balanced Scorecard
  • Corporate Branding
  • Directional & Labelling

PPE Signage

PPE stations make sure that workers and visitors are aware of your critical safety requirements and PPE obligations.

Each station contains easy to read safety instructions with universal symbols, and can be personalised by inserting your company logo and specific PPE requirements.

Safety Signage First Aid Board

Welfare Stations

VMT Health & Safety Equipment Stations have been developed to professionally store and make available the key elements needed to treat unwanted workplace injuries.

The VMT Health & Safety Equipment Station includes an eye wash kit, first aid kit, lens cleaning kit, and an ear protector dispenser, but can be customised to suit your organisations requirements.

Safety Display

VMT supply bespoke Safety Arch structures that welcome workers to a facility with reminders and information that keeps themselves and their fellow workers safe and protected.

Live information and updates can be shown and amended ‘on the fly’ via the LED moving message display.

Rolls Royce - Signage - Safety Arch (3)

Observation Stations

Observation Stations give team members the
power to record and report incidences of unsafe
behavior or situations.

The system of posting a report card into a
secured metal cabinet means that all reports can
be anonymous and so reduce the possibility that
reports aren’t made as individuals are cautious
about reporting somebodies unsafe actions.

Location Signage

Locational and directional signs ensure there is
reduced confusion about where individuals are
currently situated in the workplace and what
items & equipment should be located there – a
key principle in good 5S practice.

VMT always encourage incorporating company
branding into signage to ensure that the
approach is consistent, and the signage is of a
professional standard and so taken seriously by
the observer.

Lean Signage

Lean signs are excellent in enforcing the
messages of continuous improvement and
waste reduction in organisation’s who are
implementing Lean systems, practices and

As with the locational and directional signs, VMT
encourages branding integration so that the Lean
message being conveyed carries the backing of
the company name.

Showcase Areas

Showcase area signs show your customers
what you are about (company values and policy
deployment) and what your capabilities are as
an organisation.

They also foster a sense of pride and ownership
in the workforce so that they take their work
seriously and ensure quality and safety are
always at the forefront.


Tailor Made for Your Needs.

We take a flexible approach when discussing new projects and will work with you to meet your exact requirements and standards.

Mounting Options

Our signs are supplied on Aluminium Composite which is simple to drill holes into for mounting to walls with screws and wall plugs.

Hanging Kits

We supply wire hanging kits that allow micro adjustments at the sign rather than at the ceiling for fine tuning the level of the sign

Finishing Kit

We can supply plastic coloured screw caps to disguise the use of screws when signs have been fixed to a wall.

Well designed and implemented signage can be used to display inspirational and aspirational messages across your organization, bring the workplace to life and ensure your workers feel like they are ‘playing for the right team.’