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How could having a 5S cleaning station improve your efficiency??

At VMT, we have been facilitating visual management solutions to workplace problems for almost ten years. However, our experience goes back way beyond the founding of the business. As sector experts for as long as we can remember, it’s fair to say we’ve seen some brilliant visual management implementation and, of course, some outstanding results.

The beauty of using a company like VMT to help with your business’s visual management is that you benefit from our wealth of knowledge and our incredible eye for detail. So, it’s pretty much win/win.

At VMT, we pride ourselves on the standard of work that leaves our HQ, and in the past ten years, we have solidified ourselves as the UK’s leading manufacturer of Visual Management solutions.

In this blog, we want to talk all about cleaning stations. Of course, there are several reasons why a cleaning station could benefit your business, but we want you to have a look at some of the ways you may have overlooked and gain an understanding as to why they are so popular.

So, let’s move on to the good stuff.

What is a cleaning station??

In case you’re coming into this blog with no or little prior knowledge, we thought it would be beneficial to explain more about cleaning stations.

Essentially a cleaning station does what it says on the tin. It is a designated area or (station), if you prefer, whereby all of your cleaning equipment is stored. 5S cleaning stations provide the perfect place so that you can ensure all of your cleaning equipment is in the right place at the right time.

It’s vital to remember…

Simple and well-presented visual information in business is essential to facilitate coordinated and prosperous teams.

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Do cleaning stations come as standard?

We are often asked whether cleaning stations come with a standard fit, and luckily for our customers, the answer is no! We do have several common variations that come complete with tools if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require too much imagination. However, we can also supply stations that suit whatever tools you already use within your workplace. with this sort of product, flexibility is critical, and with VMT, the ball is very much in your court as to what you would like to include in your station.


What about the room?

If you feel like your workspace doesn’t have the room for a cleaning station, we would ask that you think again. Not only are cleaning stations effective visual management tools, but they also show that you care about the health and safety of your environment, employees, guests etc. If you’re struggling with space, we have two options for you.

Wallmounted cleaning stations are perfect to have located near heavy traffic or high chance of spillage areas. Wallmounted cleaning stations ensure everybody knows where the cleaning equipment is located when needed.

Mobile and Freestanding cleaning stations are ideal if wall space is at a premium. As they can be moved, it’s also perfect to place them close to an area where tools will be needed urgently. Our frames ensure the right tool, at the right time, at the right place.

food and drink cleaning station


Why use a cleaning station?

    • Reduce time searching for cleaning tools. 
    • Differentiate between production areas.
    • Increase the life of cleaning tools. 
    • Add professionalism to your workplace. 

Cleaning Stations and us.

At VMT, we specialise in providing solutions to make your day-to-day life smoother and more efficient. If anything you have read in this blog is of interest, or if you want to reach out to us and find out more about visual management, follow the link below. We cant wait to hear from you.


VMT Visual Management Centres

Visual management centre

VMT Visual Management Centres

How could a VMT visual management centre help your business?

You may have heard of visual management centres called several different names, Obeya and War Rooms being two of the most popular. Whatever name you choose to give them, they are undoubtedly a massive part of a successful visual management implementation process for a business.

If you already have one in your place of work, then you’re ahead of the curve and making all the right moves to improve your efficiency. However, if you don’t, there’s still plenty of time to step up your game and start working out how to implement one today.

In this blog, we want to highlight the benefits of visual management centres and teach you how the team at VMT can help your business. So, with that being said, let’s move on to the good stuff.

What is a visual management centre (Obeya, war room)?

A visual management centre gives your business dedicated meeting space for the purpose of tracking the overall performance of the company and its staff. They help increase problem-solving activity and provide a focus for all team activity.

The centres block off all of the day-to-day distractions of a working environment and allow team meetings or briefings to focus on facts and figures.

If you’re a manager or leader within your business, it’s essential to remember that…Standing up and presenting performance data and improvements in front of peers drives Lean behaviours.

Why Choose VMT?

At VMT, we utilise our years of experience when developing a sophisticated solution for your business. We focus our knowledge of Visual Management Centres on creating a functional and well-branded answer to your efficiency problems.

Our process is clean and straightforward, and we take your initial idea through every stage of design and development until we reach the final delivery and assembly, which, of course, we can take care of too.


Integrating a management centre within your workspace.

Each Visual Management Centre that we design and build is constructed using durable aluminium machine-building extrusion. Thie material allows us to create something aesthetically pleasing as well as having the strength to support and integrate shadow boards holding tools etc. We can also include cleaning stations and safety signage, as well as technology such as large screen TVs and computer workstations.

Why should you use a visual management centre from VMT!

  • Removes the need for wall space and creates a room where you have space available for multiple team members.
  • Eliminates all external distracting factors when focusing on the facts and figures involved in performance.
  • A centre can help you project output, drive improvement and control the performance of the business and individuals.
  • VMT visual management centres are easy to extend and add new sections if your business requires them.
  • You receive a professional service from start to finish and benefit from our years of experience, knowledge and innovation.


Visual Management Centres and us.

At VMT, we love introducing Visual Management Centres into our client’s workplaces. Our exposure to and experience with the benefits of having a centre help us guide every customer on what will work best for their business.

If you think a Visual Management Centre could benefit your business, get in touch with us today by following the link below.