2022 – Our Year So Far

2022 our year so far

2022 Our Year So Far

Let’s talk about 2022.

As the fifth month of the year nears its end, we thought it would be worthwhile having a little look back over what we have achieved so far.

Twenty-Twenty-Two seems to have brought a slice of normality back to our everyday lives, albeit a slightly new version of the lives we once knew. This new way of life also means a new way of business, and 2022 portrays itself as somewhat like a learning curve for all of us.

So, what’s been going on? How are you keeping? How’s business?

The questions that we used to struggle to find an answer to are so much more valuable, having been through what has been some of the strangest years of our lives. All the time that passed without talking to a soul seems like a distant memory, and here we are, chatting away and pushing on with business.

In this blog, we wanted to speak about how the start of the year has treated us. We will discuss our motivation and aims for the coming six months and the run-up to Christmas. Oops, that felt like a swear word; probably a bit early for that, but never mind.

Let’s move swiftly on from the faux pas.


Work at VMT

The truth is the start of the year has exceeded our expectations. With a constant flurry of bespoke projects coming in and heading out of VMT HQ, it’s been busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a flourishing business comes a growing team, and that’s been great to see too. Meeting new faces, understanding how they work and reaching out into new directions with the business have been our focus. Increasing our online presence and enabling ourselves to help more businesses has been firmly in our sights, and we’d say we’ve done a pretty good job of it.

If you see our online posts, feel free to engage, it really helps!

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Lessons we’ve learnt.

The first five months of twenty-twenty-two have been ones filled with lessons—understanding and establishing our place online as sector experts has been particularly interesting. We are hoping that by bringing visual management to the masses, we are able to share the value of its presence within your business.

Twenty-twenty-two has highlighted the value of interaction and how much we appreciate being to help those around us. Sharing our thoughts via blogs has allowed us to give something back to our clients and potential customers, and we feel we now fully understand the value of blogging.

We have also realised that no matter how tech-savvy the world may get, you can never replace good old fashioned communication. Now we are all operating on a fairly regular basis again, and catching up with our clients and talking through the many aspects of visual management is something we won’t take for granted in the future. Talk more, listen more, learn more.


What’s next for VMT?

As we head into the summer and the start of the second half of twenty-twenty-two, VMT HQ is filled with positivity. We are hoping for prosperity and growth and, of course, to keep providing our clients with a means to improve their efficiency.

If you think visual management could benefit your business, reach out to us today by following the link below.




Visual Management Health and Safety Signage

Visual Management Health and Safety Signage

Health and Safety Signage

How can implementing Safety Signage within your business benefit you?

It’s no secret that since Covid-19 sneakily invited itself into our lives, health and safety have jumped to the forefront of most of our issues. You only had to take one look at the regulated PPE to see the day-to-day changes the world was to face. While most face masks are gone, there’s still more of a need than ever to protect your employees from the possible and, of course, the unknown.

At VMT, we are experts in developing bespoke Safety Signage that will have a clear visual impact in your workplace and keep the workforce protected. Our team are always on hand to provide new ideas and ways that your business can tick that tricky health and safety boxes.

In this blog, we are going to walk through some of the ways that your business can implement safety signage, the reasons why it’s necessary and how it will benefit you as a company. So, without further ado, let’s get on to the juicy stuff.


Why implement safety signage

Health and safety is an essential requirement in any workplace and is something you are legally bound to uphold as a business. Implementing safety signage can be the difference between providing adequate information and being found negligent for not doing so.

Implementing VMT safety signage helps to: –

  • Keep the workforce safe and protected through clear instructions and the provision of the correct PPE.
  • Work towards zero harm by raising awareness and driving safety improvement.
  • Comply with Health and Safety laws and engage with the workforce.


Ways to implement safety signage.

When it comes to implementing safety signage, the team at VMT can help your business optimise your safety offering. Whether you are thinking about strategic placement or the nature of the message you are displaying, we can help optimise both.

Here are some of the different ways that your business can implement safety signage within your workplace.


PPE Safety Signage

PPE stations make sure that workers and visitors are aware of your critical safety requirements and PPE obligations.

Each station contains easy to read safety instructions with universal symbols and can be personalised by inserting your company logo and specific PPE requirements.


Welfare Stations

VMT Health & Safety Equipment Stations have been developed to professionally store and make available the key elements needed to treat unwanted workplace injuries.

The VMT Health & Safety Equipment Station includes an eyewash kit, first aid kit, lens cleaning kit, and an ear protector dispenser but can be customised to suit your organisation’s requirements.

Safety Display Signage

VMT supplies bespoke Safety Arch structures that welcome workers to a facility with reminders and information that keeps themselves and their fellow workers safe and protected.

Live information and updates can be shown and amended ‘on the fly’ via the LED moving message display.


Safety signage and us!

At VMT, we are experts in advising on, designing and supplying bespoke Visual Management solutions. It’s vital to remember that the more visually engaging your safety signage is, the more likely it is to capture the attention of your staff and visitors.

If you are looking for a team of experts who can help provide your business with a complete service regarding safety signage, then look no further. Have a look around the page below and reach out if there’s anything you would like to discuss.


Visual Management Foam Solutions

Visual Management Foam Solutions

Could a VMT Foam Solution be the answer to your efficiency problems?

At VMT, we understand first-hand the difficulties that can arise due to poorly maintained or missing equipment. A lot of time can easily be wasted trying to identify what is missing and where that lost item may be.

However, as always, with your business efficiency issues, VMT are here with a solution, and that solution is our foam inserts and shadows.

If you can clearly see your required tools and equipment, you will always have the right one for the job at hand. Our foam solutions are professional and cost-effective and will allow your staff to keep on top of their kit no matter where the next job may be.

With a foam shadow, there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

Benefits of having  Foam Tool Inserts.

Parts kitting

If you are a business that delivers parts, then a foam kit box ensures that the correct amount of components are shipped to your customer. They also make it simple to check that the specifics of a parts order have been met correctly. 

A Logical layout of the parts has also been proven to save time in the assembly/fitting process. 

Tool Organisation

Foam shadows with tool shaped cut out pockets provide a simple, visual way of ensuring tools are stored away after use. This can help minimise the risk of damage to parts or machinery. Having somewhere to store your parts and tools also means that all operational areas remain clean, tidy and free of potential hazards.

Once your business masters tool control, it will help create a process whereby tools that aren’t in use are always readily available, eradicating wasted time and making your working processes more efficient.


Next is perhaps one of the most obvious yet overlooked features of tool foam shadows, protection! All of our VMT bespoke foam solutions provide excellent protection for all of your valuable or easily damaged parts and equipment whilst in transit.

At VMT, we understand that each business has its own independent set of problems. Our tools cases and foam come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so that we can provide a solution for your business regardless of the issues faced.

Why you should buy a VMT foam insert today! 
  • Improve tool and parts accountability. 
  • Reduce losses from part damage. 
  • Save time wasted searching for tools & parts. 
  • Prevent the risk of FOD (Foreign object damage). 
  • Ensure you have the correct kit when ‘on the move’.



Foam Solutions and us!

At VMT, our team of visual management experts are always on hand to help your business improve its efficiency. Whether you are looking for a large scale project or a smaller solution to fix a recurring problem, we’ve got your back.

When it comes to foam inserts/shadows, we offer a fully bespoke solution so that your equipment and parts can remain in the best possible condition. We know how much of a problem can be caused by lost or damaged parts, and we want to help you put that problem behind you for good.

If you want to learn more about foam inserts, follow the link below.