Train Maintenance Shadow Boards

Train Station Visual Tool Storage

It was great to visit Northern Rail Newton Heath train maintenance depot (TMD) yesterday and see the small part our bespoke Lean Shadow Boards are playing in ensuring tooling and equipment is always to hand for Train Maintenance and Exams.

We are looking forward to continuing our work with Northern as they begin work in their new Shed for the new CAF stock they are introducing. 

VMT supplies Lean Visual Tool Storage solutions for tooling and equipment to ensure no time is wasted searching for equipment or parts.

Back-Lit Visual Management

VMT - Back-lit Visual Management Boards.

VMT now offer our Lean Printed Visual Management Boards with the option to be supplied backlit. Backlighting the boards helps to:

-Draw attention to important company information.

-Give immediate & simple visual feedback of overall health or performance, which is now more important than ever.

-Make a showcase of Lean Visual Management.

Salute the NHS

Visual Management for the NHS.

VMT Supporting Salute the NHS.

VMT has recently been doing their part in supporting the effort to feed vital NHS front line workers with nutritious, balanced and tasty meals.

We donated our time and products to supply a Visual Management solution that helps the volunteers organise day plans for gathering the donations for re-distribution.

New project set-ups like this can benefit significantly from Visual Management boards by providing:

-A platform and focal point for team discussion.

-A forum to raise and discuss issues and concerns.

-A visual “one source of truth” for data and plans that need to be communicated to a team.