Visual Foam Control – Cases

Make efficient working a habit

VMT Foam Control Tooling Case solutions ensure that tooling isn’t left behind before travelling to or from a different production line, site or even Country.

A quick visual check of a tool box or case will indicate whether all items are accounted for and ready to go.

Colour Coordinated Shadow Boards

See Clearly, Control Visually, Improve Continuously.

VMT supply Shadow Boards that allow teams to:

-Save time searching for tooling.

-Reduce the chaos of storing parts and tools in drawers with no inventory control.

-Support the 5S process by providing a standard that is sustained. 

-Colour co-ordination is an excellent way of providing clarity and ownership to visual tool storage.

-Put the onus on the individual to be responsible for primarily their own safety and also that of others.

-Show visitors how to protect themselves when visiting site.