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shadow boards on work benches in a workshop
Tullis Russell Case Study
Tullis Russell
Shadow Board Case Study

See how Tullis Russel a leading paper coating company used Visual Management to help reduce changoever times.

Safran Workbenches
VMT create Visual workplaces, abnormal conditions such as missing tools become immediately apparent
KPI Backlight
Would you know if your KPI's were on track?

The only way to beat a target is to know the target and how we are doing against it.

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Visual Management Technology

The most comprehensive range of Visual Management solutions available in the UK and Europe

What is Visual Management?

Visual Management is an essential foundation tool of an organisation attempting to operate Lean.  An organisation that is operating Lean is essentially on an ongoing journey to continually eliminate waste in their operations.

Visual Management is an effective Lean tool communicating to users’ abnormalities in processes, situations and products. Simple visual cues help to eliminate: excess time taken on simple tasks, judgement calls and errors or quality problems, which all help on the journey to continuous improvement and waste elimination.

Visual Management Shadow Board on frame, full of tools
Management Centre with Floor Markings

Experts in creating the most visually efficient workplaces

VMT combine Lean industry knowledge with creative thinking. To provide innovative, functional and professional products. Allowing our clients to bring out the best in their people.

The Lean temple places Visual Management as one of the key foundations of a truly Lean organisation.

Lean Temple showing visual management as a foundation

Creating Visual Impact in your organisation

VMT develop and manufacture solutions that will create high visual impact in your workplace.

Our solutions ensure a lean culture prioritising: safety, change and employee engagement.

We make use of your corporate and brand identity to provide a professional product that has lasting influence and creates a strong assurance of organisation and control.

Visual Management Whiteboards on Frames in front of large branded wall.
Visual Management on site discussing products with clients

Visual Management Technology Trusted across multiple industry sectors

We work across varying sectors where our clients have diverse Lean and Visual Management requirements. Our excellent industry knowledge and experience of  implementation allows us to deliver on these sector specific needs.