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Our customer currently had a couple of foam inserts for each line area, however some of the shapes had been cut by hand which made each kit inconsistent.

The kitting foams also varied in material specification (some materials not durable enough to house the parts). As the foams were also cut from one colour foam, with no part labels or identification, it created wasted time by trying to find the correct missing parts.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to improve the efficiency and visual impact of line kitting on one production line within a large Aerospace Nascelle production facility.

The Solution

There were 9 areas on the production line, and VMT supplied each area with their own colour kit box. In each area, the kit boxes were all consistent layouts, for the operator and replenisher to work more efficiently when taking out or putting in parts. Labelling each part with a small identification tag also allowed the operator to easily order new parts, without wasting time searching for the part number from stores.


Efficiency was needed even when opening each kit box sent from stores, so we machined a trim around the foam which enabled the operator to safely cut the cellophane off the newly replenished kit without damaging the foam or parts. Due to the new foam material being more durable than the current foams, it allowed the user the option to eliminate a plastic box, which added unnecessary weight.

The Results

Clear visual colour coding for each area within a larger production line

Identification of parts for ordering and replenishment efficiency

Consistent layout of parts for efficient usage

Easy cellophane unwrapping process

Elimination of wasted time trying to find parts/part numbers

More durable material to house and protect parts